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Sep 9 10 1:35 AM

Looking good!

At the end of this month i will be heading out to Cairns for a week or so to do some SHOPPINGGGG! (Yay).. When i get back .. hmmm or possibly just before i go (im getting keen) i have a paln to make a temp veggie garden and planting a few different things including corn and a few herbs for Mr Welli and the birds to enjoy.. Oh and strawberriesss ..
My parents have gone on holidays and im currently looking after his veggies.. he has well over a dozen tomato plants growing and i kid you not .. i have tomatoes coming out of my EARS :shocked: .. Im bringing home at least two dozen daily and there are MANY more yet to go .. he has strawberries too .. mmmm ... they dont make it quite home tho hahahaaa

image ~*Una*~ image image

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Nov 5 10 3:04 AM

Awesome thread!!, now i'm going to have to take some pics and share my piggy/bunny garden too.

Love gardening and I have a list of herbs and plants that I need to buy to help supplement my beloved bunnies and cavies diets.

edited to say some of you guys have lovely gardens!!

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Jan 26 11 12:50 AM

Here are two pictures of my veggie garden. It is looking worse for wear because it continually flooded with all the recent rain. You can see Cos lettuce on the left, going to seed, parsley and cucumbers at the back. I will go to Bunnings and fill it again so it looks full again. The lettuces are still there because we just harvest the leaves from it and don't actually pick the whole lettuce.

Also, some baby spinach to the very left and rosemary(hard to see because it's in the shade). I will buy basil and oregano again and more lettuce. You can also see butternut lettuce going to seed on the right. There is also some chives in there.



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Jan 26 11 2:59 AM

I am getting 2 raised garden beds made so I dont have to bend over all the time, plus I need to go get more lettuce aswell becuase the rain ruined mine!!!! I dont mind SOME rain, but what we had was far TOO MUCH rain!!!!!

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