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Jan 19 09 4:19 AM

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Hi Guys,

I was wanting to make a page on the website a bit of healthy living and a how to make a piggy veggie garden. I was wondering if we could make a thread here and if I could have permission to use the info/pics posted with full credit that'd be awesome guys.

What we'd need would be:

1- Photos of veg/herb gardens
2-What you grow in your garden for the piggles
3-A how to step by step tutorial for making a garden. I'm happy to do this although if someone else would like to that'd be awesome!

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Jan 19 09 6:34 AM

What a great idea Jess.

I grow silverbeet, parsley, mint for my piggys as they are really easy to grow and can be grown in pots. At the moment they are just dotted thought our garden out the front where there was room, it mostly herbs out there and some citirus trees.

In the past we have grown carrots and celery (in a pot).

My husband, children and myself love it out in the garden and Cam loves his vegie gardren. We believe that you don't need alot of room for vegies because with the right care they will grow any where. I have tomortoes in hanging baskets and silverbeet out among the "regular" garden.

If you are going to grow vegies you must remember a few things Soil, Sun, Water and Mulch

Sun- Where are you going to grow the vegies? Most vegies love full sun. Read the packet or label and find out.

Soil- Is the soil your growing in going to be enough? Does it need compost or manure added to it? Is free draining? We add soil wetter to all the soil we get in and we also top it up three months. Even in victoria we have restrictions and you need to give your vegies the best chance, especially in summer. If you are growing in pots you will have to add soil wetter and remember pots get a lot hotter than in the ground so it there is away of moving them in and out of the sun, the plants will be a lot happier.

Water- Now this is a hard subject at the moment as there isn't much of it around. We water with buckets and with water left over from cooking vegies.
It is a rule of thumb that using grey water on your vegies isn't not a good idea as they will grow produce with a 'soap" flavour. But we do on the established trees and the lawn and every now again on the vegies but at the same time we use some fresh water aswell. We also water a lot at night, especalliy in the hot weather as it gives it all night to sink in and then agian in the morning to give them a extra chance. And if it doen't need watering we don't if it rained yesterday we wouldn't water for a few days. About once or twice a week if it has been hot.

Mulch- We use sugar cane mulch and we let the chooks into scratch around a self manure for us. Every thing that goes in our compost bin also ends up in the vegies garden to add a little more "kick" and there is constant supply of that at the moment.

Myself and lynlee where having a conversation not that long ago about home grown veg compare to the supermarket stuff. My piggy's mostly get home grown stuff and they are so healthy and so full of energy because the picked fresh and put straight in the cage. We don't use any sprays or pesticides. We grow enough for all the bugs and birds and there is always enough left over. Piggy's don't mind if a snail has a had a nibble as well.

Hope that helps Jess you can use any of it that you want I will get some photo's for you as well. Just not right know it is too hot! And you can use them aswell. I will be plant some more in the near future so I will take photo's and you can use them aswell.

Cheers Amy

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Jan 19 09 6:38 AM

My Mum grows stuff for the pigs the two all time best crops for pigs are corn and broccoli.

With the corn the humans can actually eat the corn bit and for every cob there's like 2-3kg of leafy material for the pigs, we've found they'll even eat the roots if we offer it.

Broccoli's the same, little vegie big plant and you can grow ginormous bushes of it so easily, the pigs love the broccoli plant, we've yet to actually get edible broccoli out of it though.


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#3 [url]

Jan 19 09 9:15 AM

I don't have any instructions or organisational theme, right now we just chucked a few things in and hoped for the best really.

But I have some photo's I think? Hmm, no, only ONE photo


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Jan 19 09 10:28 AM

Great idea. We only have a very small yard, but we want to grow some of the veges we use regularly esp. tomatoes. At $7/9 a kilo in the shops they are a must-have. The corn sounds like a great idea and the silverbeet. Can't wait to see some of the piccies.


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Jan 19 09 10:39 AM

We grow a veggie garden here (I'm in Sydney) for ourselves and for the pigs, we have maybe 50 square m of veggies, for the pigs we have:
Mint, parsley, oregano, thyme, dill, basil, spinach, endives, lettuce, corn, silverbeet, carrots, parsnip, raddish, cucumber, celery, capsicum and probably a few other things I can't think of right now.

We learnt by trial and error, we cleared out a lot of our backyard, put down new soil/compost and started planting different things. After one growing season we could start to see what worked in our conditions and what didn't. What works in your backyard will probably be different to ours for example.

I very very highly recommend the Digger's Club for seeds and advice-

Some random suggestions in no particular order, things you might not have realised...
-Herbs are the easiest things to grow and most loved by the pigs! A big patch of herbs is easy and sooo useful.
-Get a compost heap together!
-Some things can be sown at any time but some things have particular seasons- check the seed packets first- but generally there will always be something you can sow. New seedlings need shade in the summer and sun in the winter.
-You'll notice with a garden that sometimes you'll have EVERYTHING ripe and leafy and there's more greens than you can use up, and then a few weeks later there's nothing! So my mum's remedy for this is to try and plant or sow something every week to keep up a constant supply of ready food.
-Stay organised, don't randomly plant different things mixed together in the same patch.

weet! weet! weet! weet!

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#7 [url]

Jan 19 09 11:06 AM

A few articles...
Dig up your front lawn!
Mini veg plot

weet! weet! weet! weet!

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#8 [url]

Jan 21 09 11:28 AM

Well you learn something new everyday. I have a vegie garden of silverbeet, gourmet lettuce, parsley, mint, spring onions, tomato, carrots, celery, strawberries, rosemary, thyme and capsicum. I have never tried giving the piggies mint...guess what will be included in their breakfast tomorrow......I might try thyme too!

Cheers Sarah

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#9 [url]

Jan 21 09 10:17 PM

Anna there are some great tips there. I have a vege patch out the other side of the house and I am going to pop more things in there - although for silverbeet and celery are really good there.

I shall definately check out your links...

-- Lyn --
Sydney Shelter Manager

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#10 [url]

Jan 24 09 7:18 AM

I love that pic above of the vegies growing random, looks so natural, and a bit of piggy litter thrown in for good measure, which is probably why they are growing so well, I do the same out the back garden.
I have just planted Rocket, Basil, Cos and babe carrots, so looking forward to lots of growth for the piggies and us. I use liquid fertiliser for maximum leaf growth, they shoot up really quick. Will upload pic once there is a bit more growth happening with the other lot.

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#11 [url]

Feb 15 09 1:27 AM

We've got parsley, dill, silverbeet growing at the moment all in pots, they get the morning sun and are shaded from the hot afternoon sun. It prevents the pots from drying out too much as well. We have plans to extend the garden this autumn and I'll be out there turning over our 'cement' style soil and adding lots of lushious compost with worm fertilizer as well ready for a big spring planting. Until then we are stuck with supermarket produce.

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#12 [url]

Mar 21 09 3:28 AM

Here's some pics of my garden. I grow the vegies in amongst the flowers. I also throw old bird seed in any spare spaces so the piggies and the birds can share

Vegies and flowers growing together


The budgies get the seed heads and the piggies get the rest


Chirpy, Puff, Cuddle and Bubble eating the seedheads in their free flight time


Yum, Yum Angel, Meggs, Serenity and Silkie munching on the leaves


Gimme! Serenity and Meggs having a tug-o-war with a capsicum



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#14 [url]

Mar 21 09 10:25 AM

Gotta love bayside soil!!! Things tend to grow so much better out your way Jan - what a beautiful garden - mine looks like crap - just full of bamboo (that part looks nice tho)..
Your piggy pics are gorgeous..

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#15 [url]

Apr 15 09 9:50 PM

Great thread..have enjoyed reading all your great tips and ideas..we are in the middle of a backyard renovation and we will be putting in a large vegie patch...cant wait it will be so much fun! I am so glad that i can give my piggies mint as i have so much of it growing wild and i usually pull it out and throw it out....not anymore

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#17 [url]

Aug 19 10 6:27 AM

wow what great gardens!!

Yesterday I planted some parsley I picked up from Aldi (great price on soil this week btw, at only $2.50 per bag!) and this weekend the corn goes in! The start of much more to come.


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#18 [url]

Aug 24 10 9:35 AM

Our vege patch is going a bit rampant at the moment; we've got heaps of rocket which is super easy to grow, fennel, parsley, some kind of lettuce (def. NOT iceberg) can't remember the name, and usually basil, but it's died off in the frost. I have to say that the fennel has been a winner! It grows really fast and the piggies love it too! We've also got some celery, cauliflower and broccoli in too, but they aren't ready yet.

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#19 [url]

Sep 8 10 12:43 PM

True, herms are easy. I grow parsley, oregano, basil and mint for my piggys. U can get 'continuous picking lettuce'. I planted some in pots a fortnight ago and you can take off a few leaves daily and it keeps growing. I have no lawn, or ground. It's all in poys, and they grow just fine, fresh and organic for my girls. The herbs are great, as far as I know, herbs are considered a real trest for piggys, ( i usaully give them thsi treat after a bath, clip or a penn cleanout). I often buy veg and herbs fresh for them, but this way I save cash and they get the freasher, accessible foods. Good all round!

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#20 [url]

Sep 8 10 11:25 PM

Wow! Looks healthy and ready to grow grow grow. Well done!

Danielle, Pepi Chino Le Phew. RIP My Beverly and Lady Sarah

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