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Apr 21 08 7:11 AM

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I did a search on google about lymphoma in piggies, and coincidently came across this site. This has to be one of the most informative c&c "how to" I've ever seen.
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#3 [url]

Apr 21 08 8:30 AM

Oh wow what a great site, really inspiring. I've always wanted to attempt one of the multi level C&C cages but I get scared of my shoddy workmanship. I never tire looking at C&C cage photos!

Thanks for sharing this.

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Apr 21 08 10:43 AM

I have seen this site before! It really is inspiring, and shows how darn easy C&C cages really are..


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#7 [url]

Jan 26 09 12:39 PM

This was a very helpful link thanks Something to aspire to. Also I can see now how relatively easy these c&c set ups are to bring together.


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#9 [url]

Mar 18 09 9:37 AM

this is great, i dont have a C&C cage but the cleaning tips are awesome. my piggy's cage gets so messy quickly, but this is great info and im going to follow it... =) thanks for that!

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Nov 7 09 11:53 PM

At work we just bought a new awesome shredder, it can do up to 11 pages at a time and cuts them into tiny squares of paper - well the other day I discovered it can also do cardboard so i have shredded up a heap and the boys love it in their house

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Nov 27 10 1:47 AM

CuteCavy wrote:
Spoilt pigs! I think C&C is my new obsession now

I can't stop looking at them and I havent even got one yet, I definatly have an addiction problem here, imagine when I get my hands on the cages, imagine what I could create the possibilities are endless, and that is so true!

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