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The ACS Messageboards are pro rescue and animal welfare and run under the objectives and policies of the Australian Cavy Sanctuary the Organisation. ACS as an organisation does not promote or support the breeding and showing of guinea pigs or the sale of live animals in pet shops. Any messages promoting the above will be automatically deleted.

New members that join the messageboards may be dealing with a pregnancy that is an " accidental " case. In this case we allow members to ask for advice on the forum .

Some examples of irresponsible breeding are:
- Those that breed and do not wish to keep the offspring
- Those that breed to make money
- Those that regularly breed their animals
- Those that breed their guinea pig repeatedly and do not separate males from females.
- Those that breed and pet shop the offspring
- Those that breed FOR their local petshop
- Those that breed as an experience for their children
- Those breeders that constantly breed pedigree or pet ' stock ' and/or keep their animals in less than appropriate living conditions and cage sizes then dispose of excess stock irresponsibly and without care for the animals future welfare or those that breed their animals excessively and do not consider their own animals welfare in the breeding situation...we do not support this! There are enough homeless guinea pigs around we don't need suppliers of even more.

We welcome ALL guinea pig owners to the forums but those that breed need to be aware of and respectful of the ACS messageboard guidelines and why they are in place.

With everything in life there are those that do right and those that do wrong. Sadly with guinea pigs there are many that do wrong with regards to the breeding side so this is why we have chosen to leave the "joys" of breeding out of the messageboards and to focus on the more important aspects of guinea pig keeping.

Members that join the messageboards that are breeders of guinea pigs have ' chosen ' to respect the guidelines we represent yet still would like to contribute to or gain info from our care and information sections of the forums and we appreciate this.

Members that do not agree with these guidelines can ' choose ' to leave the messageboards at any time if they wish to not contribute any longer for whatever the reason.

To find out more about ACS please visit our website www.australiancavysanctuary.com. If you wish to voice your opinion to staff of ACS please email us as we are more than willing to constructively discuss these issues.