Jun 5 07 12:36 PM

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The ACS Messageboards have membership levels for viewing of the messageboards these levels include:

- Limited Access
- Newbie Access
- Standard Access
- Full Access

Your membership level will give you access to some or all forums on the messageboards.

You must be a regular, respectful and loyal contributer to the ACS messageboards for a minimum of 6mths before you can be granted FULL access.

To gain standard access to forums you would be:

- A regular contributer to the messageboards for more than a 2 month period ( unless admin know the member personally e.g. through volunteer work for ACS).

- A member that supports the ACS cause and agrees to and respects the ACS objectives.

- A member that is not a regular breeder of guinea pigs and that doesn't support the selling of guinea pigs in pet shops.