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Jul 17 09 9:56 PM

Hey Alina had some good photo's of some bad houseing, where are they women??LOL


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Jul 22 09 2:28 AM

Hannah wrote:
I watched most of those that you posted Jess, pretty sad. This may be totally off topic but my husband bought 4 packets of the grids the other day and I made a huge pen that takes up the whole lounge room and the girls started chewing on the grids. They had plenty of hidey holes, tubes, hay, vegies and room. So WHY did they chew it like the piggies in these videos?

yeah, my boys chewed on the plastic coating the first couple of times too...

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Jun 16 10 6:00 AM

All those cages are horrible! Those people should not own animals!!!


Ruby Rattery, Boarding, Rescue and Adoptions.

Gippsland Rodent Fanciers Society


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Oct 9 11 9:07 AM

Just finished watching some of Jess's original youtube links. Some have been removed by their posters. Hopefully they were ashamed enough to not only remove the videos but to do something about the housing.

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