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Feb 20 08 11:42 PM

I'm glad someone else gets to see this cute cavy behaviour. It's so funny - like that Scrat with his acorn in the movie "Ice Age". Yeah, Heidi does it every time as well -as soon as you put the cherry tomato down, she's off.

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Mar 31 08 6:30 AM

OK, I searched but I can't find anything on mushrooms. Can piggies eat mushroom??

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Mar 31 08 6:53 AM

I think Mushrooms were on the not so safe list off memory - unless that was wild mushies if there is a difference... there is a safe list etc on the ACS site....I think that I may have given mine a couple of mushrooms a while back (without realising) but they didnt eat them anyway.
Mine go nuts over bamboo leaves!!

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Mar 31 08 10:07 AM

Thankyou both, hubby bought some home that Safeway had as a clearance, and I wasn't sure so I'm glad I checked here first!!

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Jul 8 08 11:39 AM

They can be fed but they are high in calcium, so it is best to limit it to once or twice a week - a few leaves at a time.


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Sep 20 08 11:38 AM

Does anyone know if our little friends are allowed Fjoa's kind like a guava but green inside like a kiwi fruit? We always get a good crop from out tree and it would seem unfair if I couldn't share them?
And strawberries? Princess rosie likes them are they alright? I never had a g/p that eaten them and she has and she has been fine she ate the whole thing including the green bit.
Any ideas?

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Sep 20 08 11:42 AM

No they arent. You must send them all to me because I LOVE THEM.

No seriously, I don't know if they are allowed to eat them or not, but I would be worried about the high sugar content. Might make them bloat up. But that is just an educated guess, really, so I am not sure.

Strawberries: Only a couple of my pigs like them. Pretty much they are ignored by the majority of my girls, but they are on the SAFE list.

~ I could give up chocolate, but, hey, I am not a quitter! ~

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#92 [url]

Sep 20 08 11:43 AM

My pigs generally dont like strawberries although I still add it to their salads occasionally - sometimes they change their minds - they do love the strawberry tops tho.
Not sure about the other thing you asked about?

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Sep 20 08 11:45 AM

I have just been given a huge bag of radishes and leaves but Im skeptical about giving them any... is a radish considered a bulb - its not is it? I have read the list before and Ash said that the leaves are ok in small amounts... just wasnt sure about the actual radish...anyone tried them before?

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Sep 20 08 11:51 AM

I haven't tried them, but at this link the first link called Complete Safe and Nutritious Vegetable Feeding List, including Poisonous Veggies! is a word document download. It says in there that radishes are ok if mild, but in another topic here, Mara said that radishes are a no go

So, in short (as if I ever could give a short answer, nuh uh) I DON'T KNOW, Alina ;)

~ I could give up chocolate, but, hey, I am not a quitter! ~

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#96 [url]

Sep 20 08 12:08 PM

Thanks for that link - did you read the unsafe list? It actually had tea/coffee/cola listed

I tell ya what - my pigs arent going to be happy in the morning without their Chai to get them started lol..JUST JOKING!!

back to the radish, they are just small home grown ones that someone past onto my husband.. they loved the leaves but left everything else...will give it a miss in general I think.

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Sep 20 08 1:46 PM

thanks GPS again you just know every thing!!! I wish I could send them all to you but then there would be none for me and my three kids who love them. I won't share them with the piggy's don't want them running around on a sugar high!!!! It's just that we get soooo many from this one tree if we could it would have ment less wastate. Because a lot of people have no idea what the are but the should as the are devine!! Thanks again Amy

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#99 [url]

Dec 8 08 9:02 AM

merey61 wrote:
I thought strawberries were bad for guinea pigs??

Strawberries are in fact very good for piggies - packed full of vitamin c!

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