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Feb 18 11 2:24 AM

ACS mix is the best mix I have ever seen. My pigs love it and I love giving it to them.

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Feb 18 11 4:21 AM

There is also a good chaff mix that I get from Brendale Produce on South Pine Road, my boys just munch into it, well Benji puts his 2 front paws into it, but never the less they both love it aswell as the ACS one when I had it

There are so many grains out there new people wouldnt know where to go too get the right one .... and honestly half of the ones I see when I go into a pet store are full of rubbish!

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Jul 17 12 9:25 AM

does oxbows help the guinea pigs gain aany weight
my guinea pigs are in weight but i think they need to be a little heavier for winter, or is there anything to help them gain some weight

[colour=red]guinea pigs are part of the family, so i will love them no matter what <3[/colour]

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Jul 17 12 9:35 AM

I add some plain rolled oats to their ACS grain mix during winter to keep them in good condition


“Nothing is so strong as gentleness, nothing so gentle as real strength” - St Francis de Sales

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Jul 23 12 9:00 AM

hi everyone,
I've been looking for somewhere that sells smaller quantities of oaten chaff. Im in brisbane and havent been able to find it anywhere. Does anyone know if there is anywhere that sells oaten chaff by the kilo or smaller than those huge bags from the produce stores.

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Aug 19 12 3:25 PM

Hey Tia,

I have good news re the oaten chaff. CITY FARMERS online store now sells it if you want to check them out on google. Our shelter here at Narangba also sells garbage bag size bags of Barley hay (similar to oaten very similar) for $4.00 a bag. It's pick up only but if you'd ever like to pop in to buy some just shoot us an email at [email protected]


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