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Jun 2 09 8:16 AM

yeah alina i use wheaten chaff now aswell since barley went out i didnt realise wheaten was so green and lovely! my pigs aswell seem to have enlarged a tad lol. my pigs would hate me if i removed their mix aswell i think they'd go on striike,

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Jun 2 09 9:34 AM

um - why are you still here Jess??? lol - cant stay away!!!

I noticed at your shelter last time how huge JC was - the only difference in diet was you were using wheaten so I also got some (didnt even realise that my produce stocked it) and my girls are huge now (more than normal)... it smells so yummy too - like a big bowl of porridge.

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#23 [url]

Jun 2 09 9:50 AM

I have just started to fed my piggys my own mix( after a lot of research mainly on ACS site), now there is no waste( like with the bought one) and they all start climbing the sides of their cages when they see me getting the grain mix out. So I believe it must be good for them as they are loving it I'll weight them on Friday (their normal weighting day) but I believe they are putting on more weight not that some needed to.

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#24 [url]

Jun 3 09 1:46 AM

ok this is my last email before i return to my time away lol i managed to find internet connection for a short while this morning hehe. i MISS EVERYONE AND MY PIGGIES. i'll be honest i actually burst into tears last night i missed them so happens every holiday it hits me the first night then im ok after a bit....but yeah i mean i complain about the stress and the workload but at the end of the day it's more upsetting to leave everyone...can't win hehe.

will cya all soon!

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Oct 28 09 10:32 AM

Rather than start a whole new thread ill post my question here..

Ok i have WAY to many pigs to be going up to Jess's every 2 weeks for food LOL...... I think i buy more then she makes HAHA..

So i have come to the conclusion i need to suck it up and attempt to make it myslef HAHA...

So i has been looking on the threads all day and want to make sure this is what i need to get..

Work horse mix
cracked lupins
soybean meal
Oaten or Weaten chaff

SO is that correct????
anybody in the Kallangur/petrie/strathpine/redcliffe area now of a produce that sells the chaff and other stuff by the kilo??

Brendale maybe??

thanks in advance

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#27 [url]

Oct 28 09 10:47 AM

em brendale sells the mill mix and soybean meal by the kilo but they also sell it be the bag, I think it works out cheaper to buy it by the bag but you would need some were to store it all.
With the chaff you get it by the bag as well I think it is a 30kg bag not sure if they sellit by the kg, if you ring around to a few places you can check prices as I have found all the stores have different prices.

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#28 [url]

May 9 10 1:38 AM

Can u feed piggies straight oats? My girls get plenty of variety and fresh food, but they never eat the pellets in their grain/hay mix........could I make my own for them? I hear mixed reviews on them eating grains or not, so I don't know. I am interested i improving their diet as much as possible, they're gonna be around for a long time 'cause I got lotsa love to give. xoxoxox

Danielle, Pepi Chino Le Phew. RIP My Beverly and Lady Sarah

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#29 [url]

May 9 10 3:00 AM

it's best to have a mixed blend rather than just straight oats - oats are fattening so by offering them straight (long term) woudnt be advisable for their health.

Depending on the mix they are currently being fed, would be why they generally dont like the pellets etc.. particularly if the mix falls under the shop bought catergories.

Oxbow also offer a very good pellet called Cavy Cuisine.

My mix is mentioned above.

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#30 [url]

Dec 27 10 8:23 AM

Hi all, I am going to make my own mix now that the cavy sanctuary is moving further away. I read through all the posts and I have come to the same recipe as Piggyhouse 90 on page 3 of this thread.

There was another recipe earlier back that Jess posted which had Hygain Showtorque with added mill mix, oats, lupins, chaff, full fat soybean meal and one capful of molasses to moisten. It looks like the mix at the cavy sanctuary now has Workhorse instead of Hygain showtorque.

So my first question is did Piggyhouse 90 get the recipe right? Her thread was never answered.

I checked out the mix at Pet Cafe and it is Breeders choice. It is also Breeders choice at City Farmers. I am not so keen on Breeders choice because it doesn't have a lot of chaff and the chaff that is in it is lucerne. I also found it powdery.

Does anyone know about the guinea pig mix from Pet Stock. I found it today and it looks quite good but it is low in chaff so that would need to be added. This would be easier than making the mix myself so if anyone else has checked it out can they please let me know what they think. I would add more chaff because I don't want my piggies to get too fat.

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#31 [url]

Dec 27 10 8:33 AM

Madelene I may be able to solve your problems if interested and if you don't want to mix yourself...if you do either way is cool. But yeah wanted to let you know I will be offering delivery to the old shelter location as their are other regulars who sadly won't be able to make the new location as well. I'll be a once a week or fortnight thing but people can order ACS Mix in bulk if needed. lol at the rate I'm going we won't even be leaving the current setup until March next year lol...kidding! Just wanted to let you know this though. I will still be getting my veggies at Lawnton so may tie in the feed drop off day on the same day as this. Nothing has been organised as yet until we move but yeah couldn't let people miss out on this mix just because we're moving heh and their will be something in place. Most luckily are able to travel to the new location as they seem to live in this area (phew).

Also two of this shelters regular volunteers live close to the Cashmere shelter. I'm sure the girls would be happy to bring some home every now and then for ya. Donna mixes hers herself and she's practically at the old shelter location if this helps to. But will leave this offer in her court of course lol.

Samford 'Gleam o Dawn' produce practically sells our ACS mix if you wanted to look them up online. The only thing missing from it is a bit of extra chaff (chopped up hay) but if the piggies are getting hay in their diet as well the mix is ok to feed without this. It's literally the same mix otherwise.


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Posts: 3,905 Site Admin

#32 [url]

Dec 27 10 8:36 AM

Madelene, I'm more than happy to do a grain mix collection for you, if you give me some notice of when you need it. Send me an e-mail (click e-mail at the bottom of this post) if you'd like to do this.


“Nothing is so strong as gentleness, nothing so gentle as real strength” - St Francis de Sales

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#33 [url]

Dec 27 10 9:01 AM

Thank you so much Jess and Jeni. I really love the ACS mix and feel happiest when I am feeding it to the girls. I still have 2 bags from the Pignic as I bought heaps and then I will need more.

Jeni, you don't have your email address to click on to on your post. I will put it on mine so you can email me your address or I will have a look and see if you update your profile.

Also, if there are a few of us, I am also happy to take turns collecting the mix from ACS - new or old location. Just not every time I need it.

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Posts: 3,905 Site Admin

#34 [url]

Dec 27 10 9:10 AM

Sorry Madelene, I've just added my e-mail address and sent one to you


“Nothing is so strong as gentleness, nothing so gentle as real strength” - St Francis de Sales

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#35 [url]

Dec 27 10 9:25 AM

I am in NSW and am wondering still what the best mix is. I have been feeding my pigs Oxbow pellets, but am interested in making up my own grain mix. My produce store makes one but it seems to have "seeds" in it.

So my first question is what is the difference between Seeds and Grains? I can pick sunflower weeds LOL

Question 2 - is piggyhouse 90's list still correct and what are the proportions


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Posts: 1,469 ACS Volunteer

#36 [url]

Dec 27 10 9:32 AM

I am happy to be a food pick-up, as I am very close to the cashmere shelter.

Just email in advance how much and what day for picki-up. We could work it out from there.

Donna. :)

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Posts: 1,469 ACS Volunteer

#38 [url]

Dec 27 10 9:15 PM

I will not be out there until the 6th of Jan, but if you need some food before then just email me and I can make some up for you. I have excactly the same as what Jess makes.

Donna. :)

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#39 [url]

Dec 27 10 10:50 PM

It looks like there will be a few of us in the same situation. I am happy to take turns with picking up and delivering to people near me at McDowall. If we all take turns then it is no problem at all and the mix is so fantastic - it is worth it.

Thank you Donna for your offer! Jeni is going to get my first lot because she needs some for herself and I'm sure I will end up visiting you in the near future.

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#40 [url]

Feb 17 11 12:31 PM

After reading this thread I think I need to switch to the ACS mix. Might send Jess an email actually.

I'd have to make trips from the sunny coast but I think it would be worth it as I was considering switching to oxbow pellets anyways. I had a really good feed where I was living but now I can't find anything similar and I don't want my boys to lose condition.


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