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May 17 11 9:48 AM

Defintely Ash, by the time i get 30 it will cost around $75 and a may even need more cubes (and corflute). i dont really want to shop online but on an online store in the u.s i have seen a pack of 30 for as little as $25 US. In Australia that price probably wouldnt equate to much more!

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#142 [url]

May 17 11 10:07 AM

I would buy the 30 pack in the US. Even with shipping it would probably work out cheaper (especially considering the aussie dollar is pretty good atm). I don't understand why it is so expensive here.


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#144 [url]

May 18 11 12:32 AM

piggycarer97-- do you have the site you saw those grids on??!! lol

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#145 [url]

May 18 11 12:39 AM

Thought i'd share this everyone, after i spent a heap and went to bunnings i found this.

Same sort of price but it worked out better for me because i like the plastic look and it feels safer for me. You can also pay half now, pay the other half later. With that you pay half of the $79 and the 9.90 postage and they send it to you, then you pay the other a month or so later.

$88.90 is the final price including shipping.

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#146 [url]

Jul 15 11 12:29 AM

You can add for NSW..

Bunnings in Auburn
28 Short Street
Auburn NSW 2144
(02) 9741 7400
Price: I think it was $13 for 5 grids (white) with connectors

Unit 20 / 380 Eastern Valley Way
Chatswood, NSW 2067
Sydney, Australia
Price: 2440 x 1220 x 3mm at $18.00, custom cut is $5 and delivery is extra

I haven't tried getting corflute there but was planning to.

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#147 [url]

Nov 18 11 5:54 AM

Modular Plastics is now
49 - 51 Parramatta Rd,
QLD, 4119
Contact Phone:
07 3290 3978
07 3299 2030

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#148 [url]

Nov 18 11 5:59 AM

And Reverse Garbage is now at the Gabba. 20 Burke Street Woolloongabba QLD 4102

Petal and little balls of wheeky delight.

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