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Feb 9 08 4:33 AM

Making an inside enclosure means I have to use my brain? I thought I could just buy it a it's there.
Ok, looks like I'll have to do some running around.
I don't understand what 'sheets of corflute' are. Is this what I used for the bottom (floor)?
Could anyone help with this question?
Sharon :-)

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Feb 9 08 5:09 AM

Corflute is corrugated plastic (you ever see the signs at like, local footy grounds and such? That's most likely corflute)

This is a how to that I found really useful

If you can't find corflute, you can try Lino (Go-lo sells cheap Lino!) as they do a fairly similar job, the lino is a little harder to manage, I found it best to install in pieces, ie all the corner pieces are seperate, then the side pieces then the pieces that make the floor up, stuck together with packing tape to prevent slippage)

Oh and something else to remember...

Start off simple!

Go for your basic cage, then work on updating it when you feel more comfortable using grids, connectors, cable-ties and lino/corflute. Always a good idea to buy more cable-ties that necessary, because they really are useful little buggers.

Oh and (third edit!) measure twice cut once! (old saying, but it really is important), practice scoring and folding on scrap pieces of lino/corflute, you don't want to try it for the first time on the big piece.

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Feb 9 08 9:42 AM

Hi Sharon

Our Bunnings sells the grids.

I have tried to find the corflute here, but can't. It is the stuff that they make the real estate signs out of.

I managed to find some at the krait.... or just go for a late night drive LOL

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Feb 11 08 11:38 AM

Thanks all,
I kinda needed all that spelt out for me. I understand now what you all mean.
Thank you. I will get grids tomorrow and search for those signs.(not sure about late night drive-I would get caught).lol
The 'how to' web was excellent. All step by step. Ta.
I guess I'd put plastic underneath, or similar. I didn't notice anyone mention it. I'll be putting my babies in my office and it has carpet. It is well ventilated, but I have strick instructions (hubby) to make sure that it definately doesn't leak and ruin the carpet. I guess with plenty of bedding and regular changeing this problem would not occur.
Thank you for answering my questions.
Appreciate it heaps.
Will send pic when all done.
Sharon :-)

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Feb 15 08 12:29 AM

Thanks everyone for advice, help and dicussions that I've been reading through.
I have my piggies area ready to go. Just a matter of putting them in...
I'm still praying they are going to mix. The 2 girls don't like each other but am working on them. They have been next to each other for apprx 12 months. The two boys have just been desxed on Wednesday and am going to see if now they will tolerate each other. I am putting my 4 piggies that I have had the longest and have fallen in love with.
Last week I found homes for 4 piggies. I wasn't going to part with them. Two boys to two homes. It all kind of happened. Guess it was meant to be.
I ended up finding corflute at bunnings as well. It is given away. They get it in their packaging in the nursey section. The corflute sits ontop of a pallate and pots, etc, are delivered ontop of that. Hervey Bay Bunnings said people use it to put in the back of their car when purchasing plants, etc, to protect their cars. So there is a place to get corflute without roaming the streets. It's given away or they throw it out.
Will send pic when all complete.
Just wanted to say thanks again as I am so excited that I have got it this far. (must thank the hubby also-my valentine pres)
Sharon :-)

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Feb 15 08 12:36 AM

Do not put the 2 boys in with any girls for 3 weeks. You must wait for the sperm to die.


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Feb 15 08 1:31 AM

And it also depends who you get at bunnings.

I have been told

"sorry we use it, you can' have any"

"I can only let you have 2 sheets as we use it"

"Yeah sure mate, take as much as you would like"

LOL spose you just need to pick your times as to who is working

It is only very thin stuff though, so not sure how good it would be at lining the entire enclosure.....

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Feb 15 08 3:20 AM

I think they use the 3mm corflute tina, the 4mm is best for cages and the 6mm is best for ramps and ledges

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Feb 21 08 3:31 AM


I have also seen corflute now at other nursey's. It's now everywhere I look.

-------I am worried. A couple of posts back I read that the males can not go with the females for three weeks.
Ash, you are joking aren't you??? Please tell me yes... Wednesday was 1 week and I put them in together. I suddenly feel sick. OMG!!!!
Removing piggies now. No one mentioned that!!! Maybe I missed it...Oh no!!!

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Feb 21 08 7:23 AM

She! there are two she's...
I'm praying.
I got two boys desexed and put each male in with a female. It was only a week after. So, I have two girls to worry about.
I can't believe this. I'm kicking myself. And I have been so insistant that others don't mate in a irrisponsible way.
I feel like hiding my head in the sand.

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Feb 21 08 12:54 PM

It's a common mistake Sharon, I was so insistent on two females when I first got my neutering and 3 babies later...

If you think they could be pregnant, up their intake of calcium (just a little bit though), and weigh them daily.

Gestation is around 65 days, but you should be able to notice babies at around 3-4 weeks. (30 days) Females will take on a pear shape, and if you press the abdomen you may be able to feel the babies.

If you take your females to a vet, they will be able to x-ray them and see for certain if they are pregnant, this can't be done for a few weeks though.

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Feb 25 08 2:19 AM

Hi there,
How long after desexing did you put your male with females?
Thank you so much for details. I appreciate your thought and advice. Unfortunity I know the drill, am just kicking myself....(this was my first ones I'd had desexed- so pleased it hasn't only been me- you learnt the hard way also)
Have marked the dates and will see what happens.
I am looking at them now. I feel they are grinning at me as if to say 'we got the last say mum' (naughty piggies).
Thanks again.
Have a great week everyone. :-)
(ps) They are loving their new inside run. My husband still has to attach the mezedine level, then we are done and I'll send some pic's.

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Feb 25 08 9:06 AM

Josephine was already pregnant when Charlie was desexed, was holding 'her' one day and went...'are those testicles!?' We hoped Jo hadn't gone into heat already, but 50 odd days later we had 3 little fuzzballs. I was one very very nervous mummy too

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Feb 27 08 5:14 AM

Thanks for that. I have started pre-cautions. Will not get exrayed as I'll observe closely over the next month or so.
I am thinking that surely they will not be pregnant!
That couldn't happen to me!
It might be safer for me to sit in denial for a while as I cant think of that yet.
Let you all know in a month or so.
Sharon :-/

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#60 [url]

Apr 8 08 8:44 AM

deals direct - they are an online company, I used them to purchase my grids.


Buttercup - March 2007 - August 2008
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