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Jul 5 07 7:45 AM


This was mentioned by someone else earlier in the message boards, but is such a good tip that it had to be reposted.
Bunnings (and no doubt other large masonry etc shops) put corflute on their pallets under tiles, pavers etc. These then are stacked around the nursery/paving areas of the stores until thrown out.
Our local bunnings was more than happy for us to help ourselves to all we could carry.... for free!
While it is not as thick as the sign grade stuff, it is easy to shape, light and just as strong etc as thicker corflute.
For the decorators amongst you, we only found black, but Im sure if you want to search different shops you could come up with some colours

Anyho, just thought you might like to know

Pica & Pippin (Bort and Annas owners)

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Nov 30 07 5:19 AM

I'm trying to find the grids that Aldi sells but I couldn't find any in stores around me. Does anyone have Aldi around that stocks the grids?

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Nov 30 07 7:37 AM

They are a catalogue item, so unless they have it in the current one you wont find them in any store.

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Dec 13 07 1:21 AM

Does anyone know of a store currently selling the grids? I've had a little look around and checked online but haven't seen any. I swear I saw one in a catalogue a couple of weeks ago but I didn't take notice of it!!

I was hoping to look in some of the bigger stores this weekend, but I'm not sure if we can get to many now.


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Dec 13 07 2:38 AM

I know the BUnnings at carseldine and stafford always have them. they're in the storeage aisle, they don't actually have a name on the packing which i weird

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Feb 4 08 12:08 AM

linda_chicha wrote:
Just want to add that Bunnings Woodridge got more grids on stock.

It's Cnr Kingston Rd and Compton Rd.
$8.49 for a pack of 5 grids and connectors.

Same at Bunnings ballarat Victoria

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Feb 4 08 2:38 AM

Same at Bunnings, Shepparton, have at least 12 packs in there.

And stacks and stacks of cable ties. I was in cable tie heaven this morning!

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