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Oct 10 06 6:54 AM

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Here you can post information on where you buy your C & C cage supplies from.

Just post a reply and one of the mods will paste it in the appropriate state area.

Please include:

What was purchased (either cubes or corflute)
Name of the shop.
Phone number.
Price of item.
Any other info, perhaps sizes, delivery service etc.


TEL 3290 3978

Reverse Garbage in West End (Brisbane).

You will find huge old corflute signs for under $10 (and I mean huge). You will also find a whole bunch of other ideas for cage making - carpet, lino, shadecloth, wood, tiles, wire - everything!


Mister Ply and Wood
124 Auburn St
Wollongong NSW 2500
1300 138 771 (local call)
Price per 1200 by 2400 sheet - $18.46 To get this price you have to say your a signwriter. They don't ask questions.. Delivery service available. Can be cut to size for you.

The Reject Shop
Crown Central Shopping Centre Wollongong
Near Myer on the 2nd level.
Phone: 02 4227 6290
Price: $30 for a pack of 23 grids.



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Dec 13 06 5:16 AM

I've been meaning to post this for ages but keep forgetting.

For those of you who want massive sheets of corflute and don't mind a bit of printing on them, go to Reverse Garbage in West End (Brisbane).

You will find huge old corflute signs for under $10 (and I mean huge). You will also find a whole bunch of other ideas for cage making - carpet, lino, shadecloth, wood, tiles, wire - everything!

It's really true that one person's trash can be someone else's treasure!


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Dec 13 06 9:46 AM

Bianca knows a fantastic place on the northside of brissy here for corflute and they also sell the coloured corflute. Bianca I forget their addy and details I'll leave it up to you if you'd like to post them hehe?

Here's the wholesale and cheapest place in brissy that distributes to most other places they actually giveaway the offcuts which alot of the time can be more than 1.8m in length.

Address: 56 Pentax Street, Salisbury, QLD, 4107.
Phone: 3276 7933 Fax: 61732767456
Website: ( Website also has links to interstate suppliers )

great thread liss!

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Dec 24 06 11:37 AM

Cubes purchased - Brisbane Southside

Hi Guys,

Found some cubes today (white only) at Bunnings in Browns Plains.
101 Browns Plains Rd,(Cnr Webber St)
(07) 3800 8788
$8.49 for a pack of 5 grids and connectors.
Found them in the homewares section - only had about 20 packets left 24/12/2006.
Wasn't able to get a straight answer about whether they're going to continue to stock them (apparently they came from the BBC takeover).
Product code - 4711414006040 Storage Cube - IBEX


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Apr 15 07 10:06 AM

OK, I didn't buy my supplies, my mum did and surprised me with them...
But I searched everywhere for the storage cubes... Target, Kmart, $2 shops, hardware stores, The Warehouse, The Reject Shop. Everywhere that I was suggested to look.
But in the end, the only place that had them was Bunnings (for Geelong people, thats in north Geelong....)

As for the corflute, all you need to do is get out the Yellow Pages and look up 'plastic' and there will be alot of local companies near to where you live for you to call up and campare quotes.

Good-luck everyone


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May 6 07 10:49 PM

Hi guyz,

i managed to find some grids a while ago, but lately i've been lokking everywhere and can't find any. I can't go all the way out to browns plains or anything cause my parents won't drive me. Has anyone found any recently?


Ginger, Dottie, Akira

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May 7 07 12:14 AM

Hi Chloe
Where do you live? There are always grids at the Carseldine Bunnings.

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May 7 07 12:41 AM

I found a place that sells corflute on the gold coast.
They are called P & M Plastics they are in West Burleigh near the tavern that is near the M1. I got a 6 x 4 foot sheet for $11.80 and the 8 x 4 foot sheets are $14.80.
I got all my grids at the Burleigh Bunnings.


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May 27 07 12:31 AM

Heya Everyoneeeee
Just thought id post that while in my search to locate some grids to make my C&C Cage, I discovered that ALL Queensland Kmart stores have run out of stock of the shelving system and they wont be re stocking it again..
I could have bought some from Bunnings but because i live so remote they decided that they couldnt freight them to me
Doing internet searches i came across these...
I bought 3 lots and each pack comes with 17 grids.. The storage boxes although only material covered cardboard are quite sturdy and will be also usefull for storage of piggy items
Thought id share incase others were looking for grids too.. I thought it wasnt bad value for so many grids per pack + storage boxes

Cheers ^^

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#16 [url]

Jun 22 07 8:59 AM

omg Tina great find!!!! Oh I'm gonna go check out a local Aldi this week because with our bali/india type theme in the garage the black grids would look so stunning rather than white!!! thanks for posting this that is's great that so many places are now stocking these grids there's a few places i know that now stock them...


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#18 [url]

Jun 26 07 11:38 PM

Mara, you still want some? I can get you some if you want.

It's a pretty good grid too.. It's not like the bunnings one which the white bit can cracked and peeled. It's black and powder coated (I think it's called)

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#20 [url]

Jun 27 07 12:34 AM

Yap.. I'll go back to Aldi today and maybe clear them out. LOL. I'll buy a couple for you, Jess. So you could just put it in the Shelter if anyone wants to buy it.

ACS Resident Foodie food101
Life is short. Make fun of it!!

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