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In order for the forum to run smoothly there are a few forum rules that will remain in place. These rules are listed below in point form.

If any of the below rules are broken the member will be issued with a warning or in some cases a banning from the ACS message boards and if the rule is broken again a suspension or banning from the ACS message boards will result.



1. New members please remember to state your name, age and location in your introductory post in the 'Welcome Room'. This helps other members to be able to gather basic information about you which will in turn help them to be able to relate to you better.

2. If you are under the age of 18 we advise that you get permission from your parents to be able to be a member of the ACS message boards. Although admin of the ACS message boards do our very best to moderate the boards so that content is appropriate for all ages, their may be times whereby medical threads or similar may contain graphic content in relation to animal welfare in which parents may not wish their children to see.

3: Please respect that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and their will be differing opinions over certain topics discussed on the ACS message boards.

All members are of different ages with different backgrounds and different points of view and also have differing levels of experience with guinea pigs.

In the case of a breache of an actual ACS forum guideline in regards to expression of opinion, staff may remove posts without question or explanation.

4. Personal attacks on another member will not be tolerated. If it becomes apparent to staff that this has happened then the member may be given a warning and/or possible suspension or banning from the ACS message boards.

TIP! Try to post as constructively, respectfully, maturely and as open minded as you can at all times.

5: Please keep profanity to a minimum as people of all ages view the ACS message boards.

6: If you wish to make a complaint about any member of the ACS message boards for any reason please email one of the administrators of the boards and we will help to resolve the issue and take appropriate action with tall parties involved. Please do not make complaints on the open message boards.

7: If a member has not posted on the ACS message boards for some time and is found to be ' lurking ' and not contributing actively, then admin may send the member an email to ask if the member wishes to remain a member of the ACS message boards or not. Admin may alternatively remove the member from the ACS message boards.

If the member continues to lurk on the forums after this message has been sent and if no discussions have taken place between the member and admin to resolve the issue, the members membership may be removed from the message boards as a result.

8. If admin find that a member is lurking on the forums and if the member has a history of conversing with and associating with other parties not involved with or in support of ACS and/or that have been disruptive to ACS, then the member may be removed from the ACS messageboards immediately as a result with or without explanation.

Note - Admin put this forum rule in place in mid 2007 due to a couple of members abusing their membership here. If a member has different values and/or ethics to what the ACS cause presents the member has the choice as to whether they want to associate themselves with ACS or not. The member can choose to be immature and disruptive or they could choose to be mature enough to respect our values for what they are and/or leave.


9: The ACS message boards are pro rescue and animal welfare. The ACS message boards run under the same values and objectives as ACS the organisation.

ACS the organisation does not support the general breeding or showing of guinea pigs and in particular what we refer to as backyard breeding of pet and pedigree guinea pigs. Any posts promoting the intentional breeding of guinea pigs will be deleted. Please contact ACS staff if you wish to know why this forum rule exists.