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Jan 26 14 3:01 AM

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I often order piggy fleece items from the UK that I can't find here. Just before Xmas discovered this on Facebook so I ordered 2 of the Xmas cavy caves. I was so impressed with the quality & uncrushability (I have a piggy who likes to squash his fleece hideys) that I then ordered 2 of the curtained cavy caves. My 2 boys love both these styles of cavy caves, so I am now saving up for the 2 of the monster beds for Easter pressies. If you look in the photos section you'll see my 2 boys (black piggy & black with cream piggy) enjoying both styles plus 2 cage photos of the caves in situ - if you click on the photos the comments will mention that it is for an Aussie customer.

I just wanted to share this info in case anyone else is interested in these items because they truly are wonderfully made.  
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Feb 11 14 3:49 AM

Thanks for the info! Hopefully we still have enough folks visiting our old forums for info. Sadly there is little activity on here now, since everyone seems to have migrated to Facebook!

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