Apr 7 13 3:25 AM

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I recently bought 5 guinea pigs, 2 male, 3 male, in separate cages. I was looking on the net for what to feed them in the way of veggies to keep up their vitamin c. I came across this diet, Monday  AM,   Cherry Tomatoes 1                                               Endive Lettuce 2-3 large leaves   Cos Lettuce 2-3 large leaves Green Capsicum 1/8 sliced  Baby Carrot 1 Yellow Capsicum 1/8 sliced Coriander 2-3 sprigs                  Monday PM,     Parsley 2 sprigs Green Beans 2 Red Capsicum 1/8 sliced Blueberries 3-4 berries Celery 3-4 small pieces Cos Lettuce 4 large lettuce leaves,  does this seem a little excessive for each guinea pig to consume in a day?

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