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Feb 2 13 11:15 AM

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Hi, hope someone can help. Our piggie does not seem to be eating! He lost his mate about 6 months ago and has been fine ever since. His cage is next to another so close by to other piggies. Appetite was lost yesterday. He is bright eyed, moving, no laboured breathing or runny nose. Does anyone have a suggestion on getting him to eat?
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Feb 2 13 11:26 AM

It's really important for guinea pigs to have food in their systems at all times, otherwise they will go into gut stasis, and eventually die, so eating is incredibly important. You need to get food into him ASAP. If you have Oxbow's Critical Care, that's the best thing for him (some vets sell it). If you don't have Critical Care, you can make a pellet mash. In a pinch you can also use vegetable based baby foods (I use Rafferty's Garden organic baby food), or blend up veggies and maybe grass to make a mash. It sounds like you'll have to hand feed. Do you have any syringes (without the needles of course) on hand?

In terms of what could have caused this, it's hard to say, but I would lean towards teeth perhaps. Do you feed plenty of hay? In any case if your piggy isn't eating it sounds like a vet visit is in order. If your piggy hasn't eaten since yesterday it's critical you get some food in him. How does his tummy feel?

Jessica (& pigs).

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Feb 2 13 12:27 PM

Hi Jessica (&pigs) His tummy feels soft like the other piggies. I have been giving him some Hydralite with a syringe (since Gatorade was mentioned on your website for heat exhaustion. I take it that hopefully this is you) and he has been taking that. He has plenty of hay, dry food from you, also fresh fruit and veg daily. He has just had some banana I will try Pet Cafe for Critical Care tomorrow.

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Feb 2 13 12:40 PM

Hi Jessica (&pigs) One thing I did forget to mention on the Guinealynx? website it mentions that a probiotic can help as well we have some inner health plus capsules is this worth a try?

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