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Nov 8 12 3:53 AM

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I'm wondering if guinea pigs are also prone to upper respiratory tract infections like rats are?

I have had 3 rats before and from the time they were 6 months old they had all developed infections. They were treated on and off with various antibiotics, steam therapy etc. and sadly two were euthanased at about 12 months old. The third little darling lived til she was 2 and a half but always had a minor respiratory tract infection with sneezing and sniffles etc. It was heartbreaking and distressing to see them sick, especially the two I had put down, they seemed to go down hill very rapidly and the antibiotics didn't help them.

Towards the end of my third rats life, we were even using an asthma puffer in a specially designed chamber (suggested by my vet) to try and keep her airways open

Anyway, to cut a long post short, are cavies prone to this sort of thing as well? I know in rats its virtually epidemic.
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Nov 8 12 8:32 AM

I'm sorry about your rats, its always hard seeing your fur baby so ill

I'm no expert on medical piggy stuff but I think it is common for piggies to get URI"s but no where near as much as rats. If you keep them warm, away from drafts ect, its unlikely to get a URI. I've had pigs for neally 10 years now and never had a pig with a URI *touch wood*, but even if they do, and as long as its caught early, its normally easily treated

Are you thinking of adopting some piggy's?

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Nov 11 12 12:14 AM

Hi, I guess a simple way to put it would be in piggies, you can completely eradicate a URI, in rats, with mycoplasma, you can't.

All rats are infected with mycoplasma, some don't show symptoms, some do (or it flares up in times of stress, etc.) The best you can do is manage it, but many rats do eventually die from myco related respiratory issues.

On the plus side, when guinea pigs get URIs it's still a massive health concern but you don't get the long term, chronic health issues that rats have with myco. Guinea pigs need to be treated with antibiotics, and then hopefully the infection goes away. Sometimes it takes a while (I've had a pig on 30+ days worth of antibiotics before with a URI... that was, uh, not fun), but you're not going to get the issues on the same level in pigs as you will in rats.

Jessica (& pigs).

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Nov 12 12 2:16 AM

if a piggy is left untreated for too long they can be suceptable to on going issues of URI, keeping their bedding clean and hygienic will certainly help prevent them from happening as well as keeping them in a warm environment in cold weather.

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