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Oct 4 12 5:02 AM

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Hi all,
One of my rescue piggies was recently given meloxicam by the vet.

The problem is though, is this the only way to get pain meds for a piggy??? Is there anything that can be used short term at home that doesn't need a vet trip, when the problem is obvious? Anything that needs a vet trip gets a vet trip, so no worries there.

I'm NOT willing to experiment with the little guys! So some help on finding safe options would be great please.

Thanks for any help.
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Oct 9 12 5:03 AM

You can use thinkgs like panadeine but must use it very, very carefully. If you check out the GuineaLynx website and forums, these is some discussion about the use of other pain killer medications.

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Oct 17 12 10:48 AM

thanks, I did see their meds info on there but the one I wanted for my first aid box is by vet prescription only (dang it). I did see ibuprofen in their list too though.. I'm thinking kids nurofen... but am not sure whether that's actually safe!

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