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Aug 20 12 12:03 AM

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I went to Bunnings yesterday to see what they had in terms of C&C packs. Well I hit the jackpot!! They had 8 packs of the cubes on clearance for $7 each! Yep, half price! So I'm going to try another store today and see if they are clearing them out too. Can't wait to start building it!! [/quote]
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Aug 20 12 8:45 AM

I actually mentioned this to Kelly the other day, apparently from what I've heard Bunnings are discontinuing grids which is why they're on special. I suggest to anyone if you see them for sale still in stores to stock up!

Jessica (& pigs).

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Aug 21 12 11:51 AM

Ha! I bought 5 packs from my local store, yeh, I reckon they are allselling them off cheap

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Aug 21 12 1:33 PM

I dont know if I'm the only one, but I'm so depressed that Bunnings are not going to sell grids anymore! C&C cages are the best! I love building them, so what happens when we cant get grids?? Deffinetly going to go and buy whats left in my local Bunnings, you can never have enough grids!

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Aug 22 12 9:23 PM

Of the three Bunnings I can get to, Cannon Hill & Mt Gravatt haven't had any in ages and Capalaba recently sold out. Capalaba must have been very recent because the clerk I spoke to was herself surprised to find them all gone. Hmmmmm I bet they were all snapped up by piggy slaves.

Anyway, I have discovered a company here in Brisbane that has them.

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Aug 28 12 5:47 PM

wow didn't know that about the grids! Should probably go grab the last ones at our local stores lol....damn need the money tho to do so!

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