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Aug 19 12 3:28 PM

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Just sharing an article I recently wrote on a very yummy treat for piggies that is perfectly healthy as well.

Grow your own oat grass!


Want to easily make a delicious treat for your guinea pigs?

Oat grass is healthy, high in fibre and a natural source of nutrition for your guinea pigs.

Oat grass contains vitamins A, B, C, E and K and is a fantastic antioxidant.

Oat grass is very easy to grow. You need to first get your hands on some oat grass seeds as pictured below. The best places to look around to source your oats would be through local produce stores, health food shops and online.

If you purchase your guinea pig mix through ACS Brisbane Shelter, the good news is that you are already well stocked to grow oat grass as our mix contains some oats in it.


Simply get a couple of handfuls of oat grass seeds or ACS guinea pig mix and sprinkly them loosely about a quarter of an inch deep into soil. You will want to use soil which receives good moisture regularly and place your oat grass garden in a place which receives moderate to good sunlight daily. For where to plant your oat grass you can use a garden bed outdoors, a hanging pot, or alternatively you can DIY by even getting a styrafoam box or planter box. Water your oat grass once every day.

The oat seeds will soak in the water and begin to sprout within a week or so. Oat grass grows rather quickly so you should have a nice supply within no time at all.

Pictured below is some freshly picked oat grass with the oat seeds still attached to the bottom of the shoots. This grass took only 3wks to grow!

Guinea pigs go nuts over oat grass it is definitely one of their favourite treats!

Article written by Jessica Proietti.

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Aug 22 12 4:19 AM

I seem to have unknowingly managed to grow a patch of oat grass in my garden!

I have a garden area where I regularly shake out their vetbed, towels, and so on. The fabrics will have bits of hay and food on them.
Very quickly some type of grass sprang up in that spot and continues to grow there. I couldn't work out from what it was growing, but I have been feeding it to my piggies and they love it.

After seeing your photos I realised they have those same oats in their food mix and that's what's sprouted! Thanks, it is good to finally identify the type of grass I have.

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Aug 25 12 1:27 PM

I grow oat grass. The piggies do indeed love it. I think it might be their favourite food.

Unfortunately, it's prone to fungus ... at least, it is here, where it rains most days. Anyone got any ideas for getting rid of the fungus without making the grass poisonous?

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