Jul 25 12 7:58 AM

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After Lalique died with all her issues I though that would be it for a while but straight away Fifi has new bumps which were seen to and now she has enlarged kidneys and high glucose levels in her urine and blood, I have changed her diet to see if it makes a diiference, she is healthy atherwise and her lump seem to be shrinking and the smaller one has gone altogether.
Lucy has started having teeth issues again after 2 years, she had surgery last Thursday to remove spurs which went fine but she still wasn't eating properly and dropping weight and now she has a dirty big abcess on her jaw so i've got her on flagyl for the next 10 day to see if it helps otherwise it will be an xray and probably more surgery, and Topaz has a nasty bladder infection, so she is on baytril for now, also emollient cream for urine scold, both Lucy and Paz are on Moolxicam fr pain relief. and old stroppy Magee Sugar has the sniffles so she is on senaga and amonia for a few days but she's fine otherwise, so yeah another $200 poorer after todays vet visit LOL my vet suggested I get less troublesome pets but I said I will always have guinea pigs I can't help myself, I will probably limit the number to 4 permanants tho once they get down to that number some day.