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Jun 24 12 3:44 PM

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I am still up as my guinea pig has one crusty eye. Possible URI? :S

Since winter started, I have been weighing them almost daily apart from the last few days. A bit too much but it's cold around here. Their weights can fluctuate up to 80g within a day. Is this normal or acceptable?

If I weigh them early morning, they still fluctuate around 30g.

He weighs in the same range though and acts normal.
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Jun 24 12 3:56 PM

Okay, I am going to give him vitamin C, probiotics, hydralyte (I don't know why, but doctors always tell you to have plenty of fluids. I just hope it's not too sugary.), and stick his face in some steam and essential oil.

Any ideas besides URI?

So hard to search for info on *one* crusty eye.

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Jun 25 12 6:00 AM

So after I pulled my poor guinea pig out of bed last night for all that "torture", I discovered a hair from my other piggy in his crusty eye.

The weird thing is I would expect it to have gone cloudy. It didn't.

The eye is a little better today, and he is even a few grams heavier this morning, so I haven't taken him to the vet yet.

I'm stumped.

Actually, the eye is quite a lot better. (>50%) I have not wiped it since last night/early this morning to see how it goes.

Oh, and this is my texelly one with the crusty eye. I previously had a potential URI with my other pig over a month ago, and he has been fine since then. If it was the same piggy, I'd be more sure.

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Jun 25 12 3:04 PM

Hi, any ideas?

Eye is crusty again, but I found ANOTHER hair. I wonder what they do to each other.

Everything else still fine.

He's gained a whopping 50g over the course of the day. (Should I throw my scales out?)

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Jun 26 12 2:04 AM

oh yeah, those weight fluctuations are p[retty normal, my guys do it too, they're always heavier after a feed, cos their gut moves so wuickly the do tend to fluctuate, it's the big drops u gotta worry about, unless ur pig is already underweight.

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Jun 26 12 5:41 AM

Thanks for the Tricin cream recommendation. I'll look it up.

I still haven't gone to the vet yet. He didn't have anything else yesterday besides a tiny bit of vitamin C (about 50-80mg I didn't cut it up properly just broke it), and his eye is still somewhat crusty today but not bad.

No other symptoms and this morning he was approx. 10g under that extra 50g from last night.

If it's still like this tomorrow, I'll go. His eye is not closed or anything or irritating him in any way. I'm not sure if I'm waiting for more symptoms or what.

I found this recent thread from GL.

That guinea pig didn't seem to have a particular reason for it.

I thought of blocked tear ducts but that should produce a watery eye, not crusty. Anyway, I'm going to hold a warm moist cloth to his eye to see if it clears it out.

Thanks for the help!

Oh, good to know about the weights! Mine probably eat too much cucumber but they don't drink otherwise!

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Jun 26 12 9:06 AM

I keep forgetting Tricin is an antibiotic. I have googled it before!

The last time I got an antibiotic eye ointment from the vet it was $50 (maybe $52?). I looked it up online to see if it was right for guinea pigs and it was £5 (plus a few cents). It was the same packaging, same amount etc. Veterinary medicine can be so overpriced!

I think I still have it around somewhere.

I hope it's not an infection... crusty eye can be indicative of that. Good point.

*keeps watching*

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Jun 27 12 12:58 AM

To my surprise, he had another "hair" last night.

We spent over two hours in two sessions last night trying to get it out, and he finally realised what I was trying to do and stopped squirming.

There is definitely a strand of something in there, and it keeps disappearing behind the eye, or rather it rarely appears in front of the eye. Sometimes there's a dark hair in the corner. I can't flush it out with saline. Tissue paper and my finger didn't work either. (My piggy ate a lot of tissue paper.) I had thought I was pulling out fine white hairs from my other guinea pig.

The eye is looking much better though. No hint of crustiness this morning. Nevertheless, we will head to the vet soon so that he doesn't get an infection as the hair is still in there. I'm just not sure what the vet can do about the hair.

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Jun 28 12 1:33 AM

it wouldn't be too horrific but yeah just pop it n the microwave for a bit to warm up.

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