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Jun 27 12 1:37 AM

Mmm, I found an old forum thread on Jack. Though I remember Jack's leg operation, I'd forgotten he had a fit/stroke and has head tilt and neurological problems?

It's a good thing the forum went down last night, 'cos it made me search with Google otherwise I don't think I would have found that, though I can't find the thread I was referring to. (Forum search is a bit sucky? I can't find ^this thread with the "search" function!)

Anyway, it's good he's recovering with his skin treatments.

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Jun 28 12 12:21 AM

These fits were due to his mite infestation but thanks for your info. Im aware of all of jacks history The head tilt wasnt 100% confirmed and fits werent occuring. We thought they were.

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Jul 1 12 5:49 AM

I'm a bit confused. (Which fits?) But it's okay. I brought it up because if he did have neurological problems, fungal could have been the obvious but wrong reason he began fitting just before this thread, but you probably know that. As he's responding to the treatment of his skin, it's not important any more.

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Jul 1 12 6:49 AM

Hang on, so did he have neurological problems before (and unrelated to) fungal or could it be fungal-central-nervous-system related fitting?* ie. Could it still be fungal?

I guess the best way to tell/guess is via his fitting symptoms and how it relates to him being touched (pain), and its onset in relation to the severity of his fungal condition?

*The first case would be a bit more complicated and the second would be easier, I suppose.

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Jul 2 12 1:30 AM

We are on our way to see David Vella which is 3 hours away to get a proper diagnosis. Neurological disorder was never diagnosed it is what we thought may have been the issues a couple of years ago. David will be the best to see. No need to bring up past posts hayfevr as I'm aware of jacks history but thanks anyway. Jason I'll speak to you soon

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Jul 2 12 8:37 AM

I've just heard from Lisa ... she'll tell you more details yourself, but the short version is that David Vella thinks it's not neurological. Hooray!


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#52 [url]

Jul 7 12 9:38 AM

I've been following this thread, hoping for the best. Hope Jack is doing well now! What's actually wrong with the little tripod piggy if it's not neurological?

Jessica (& pigs).

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#53 [url]

Jul 7 12 11:18 AM

I think it's mites, right, Lisa?

Jessica, on a COMPLETELY different topic, I hear the Australasian Association of Philosophy conference is going to be on the Gold Coast next year. You should come.

Jason, the Off-Topic King

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#54 [url]

Jul 8 12 1:03 AM

Yes it's a severe case of mites that has got him. David Vella has been great and I've been given strict instructions on what to do. I'm starting to think mr jack is living it up with all the extra attention lately by becoming a very cheeky boy. Bath times are funny as they have to be done every 3 days and he has got into the habit of purring away while I'm washing him. Which today is the day so I best go and start.

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