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Jun 24 12 12:56 PM

Oh bloody hell just when i think im on to things

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Jun 24 12 12:56 PM

If it's not absorbed systemically when put in the mouth, then don't put it in the mouth.

I agree, best to wait for advice from a vet tomorrow.

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Jun 24 12 1:57 PM

Thanks Jason id be lost without you. As you know what we have been through lately this couldnt have happened at a worse time. Just need a rest for a while. Just dont want to lose my special jack

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Jun 24 12 2:03 PM

This is not entirely conducive to getting some rest.

From reading Peter Gurney, it seemed like fungal infection itself can cause seizures.

But Lynlee also mentioned pain can be the cause of fits, and mite infestation. Here's a GL thread on this if you're still awake.

I have barely read it. It says though that BATHS would send the mites into a frenzy and cause seizures. Did Jack start having fits after a bath? (And how often have you bathed him lately and did he seem worse afterward?)

I don't know how fast Ivomec and Revolution gets rid of mites. I assumed that would have taken care of it. Is it possible he has mites or still has mites?

1. Vitamin C helps immune system.
2. Probiotics?
3. Pain meds?
4. Are his parasitic/fungal infections primary or a result of an underlying condition?

Whoops, here is the thread:

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Jun 24 12 2:06 PM

"It can take 3 ivermectin treatments, sometimes more, and sometimes it takes more than one treatment with Revolution to eradicate them.

You may want to ask your vet about switching from ivermectin treatments to Revolution. They should not be used concurrently or close together (though your vet will likely know that)."

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Jun 24 12 3:45 PM

Looks like the guinea pig in the thread I linked had fungal too.

Mites were never confirmed by scraping (didn't find any) but she seemed to get better with ivermectin and Revolution. (it took from Jan to March).

Seizures were brought on by touch.

So perhaps try not to hold Jack?

I hope it goes well for you at the vet. It looks as though I will be making a vet visit too!

Some people use a vest to stop scratching.

Others think it is not a good idea. (link edited)

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Jun 25 12 11:17 AM

Well my vets dealt with david vella today over jack. David is very strong in using topical treatment so all the affected areas were shaved back today and i have been given instructions on what to do. Its going to take a while to get better but were going to make it. Malaseb is going play a big part in this

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Jun 25 12 12:03 PM

Since he's shaved, you could get some of this from Gorgeous Guineas or some coconut oil and neem oil from the health food shop for to leave on his skin to soak in in between Malaseb baths.

It's a bit cold to be naked!

So it wasn't systemic after all, maybe just infected nerve endings?

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Posts: 5,818 Site Admin

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Jun 25 12 1:52 PM

crap, yeh, sorrymissed ths update - yes, systemic fungal may be treated using griseofulvin but this is hard to get from a vet as most don't prescribe it for pigs. I have some left over from treatment for myself, so I'd use it for a seriously fungal pig.

-=[[ Lynlee ]]=-
There are 1000's of homeless guinea pigs in rescue shelters all across Australia that NEED YOU!!

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Jun 25 12 1:58 PM

I was reading this thread on GL about fungal and (Peter Gurney's) essential oil treatment. It seems many are not keen on it.

I have mixed some up before, and gave a little for my guinea pigs.

Anyway, it's also a thread about treating fungal in Australia and contains links to other fungal threads.

But as you said Lynlee, sometimes an underlying mite infection may be missed and I read some resistant mite infestation threads, so if the fungal treatment is slow-working...? The trouble is it seems fungal/mite can be so often wrongly diagnosed as each other.

I'm also confused as to whether if the fungal can affect the CNS or just nerve endings without spreading further. There is nothing much online. I'm all curious now. :/

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Jun 25 12 2:27 PM

The thread linked above mentions "Program". (down the page)

Not sure about the storing pesticide in body fat aspect of it.

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Jun 26 12 4:02 AM

He isnt completely shaved its only the affected areas hes an indoor piggy with very think fleece and is near the heater. Atm hes hanging out on the fleece dog bed eating away hes purring when im patting him and giving me a cheeky eye

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#40 [url]

Jun 26 12 6:24 AM

He's my special boy what can I say

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