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Jun 24 12 10:26 AM

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Hi guys need help Jack my special 3 legged piggy has recently started to have fits and they are very upsetting to see this happen. Im also treating him for fungal which jess saw the pics. Why a piggy start to fit? The last one happened about 10 mins ago and went on for about 2 mins im almost in tears seeing him like this. Hes now eating but has left me all upset. I dont want to use my normal vet as ive come to learn they are hopeless with piggies even though they did they op on jacks leg. David vella is about 3 hours away but i cant really get up there till about a fortnight. If anyone can help please do??? Lisa x
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Jun 24 12 10:43 AM

Peter Gurney said to treat systemically with an anti-fungal drug, griseofulvin.
(Please read the links.)

I know from this forum that Nilstat/Nystatin is used for fungal. I once tried to get it from the chemist, and you have to do endure some questions about where it's for, but it's cheap. However, I don't know if it's appropriate in this case. Perhaps your local vet can help before you see Dr. Vella?

Please don't treat without getting veterinary advice though!

Guinea pigs suffering fungal skin infestation have different symptoms altogether. The hair has a greasy texture to it, there is a deep layer of gritty scurfing on the surface of the skin and the skin itself has a deep red flush to it. As with the parasitic infestation there can also be lesions caused through scratching. In the more advanced cases this scratching can sometimes lead to fitting and in these cases it may be necessary to treat systemically with the anti fungal drug, griseofulvin. See photographs.

Or maybe some regulars will have better suggestions?

Um, I'm sorry you're upset. *comforts*

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Jun 24 12 11:19 AM

Oh, and I'm reminded by a recent thread that antibiotic use can cause/make worse fungal, so probiotics might help in Jack's case.

(I remember Jack's leg removal op. I'm glad to hear he's been doing okay apart from the latest.)

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Jun 24 12 11:22 AM

Yes he has been doing great. Im only using betadine to dab onto the affected area and ive just washed him in malaseb. Im just worried with my local vet as i dont think they are 100% with guinea pigs as ive had a few issued occur thats all. Now i dont know what to do?

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Jun 24 12 11:23 AM

Poor JAck! Fitting is usually a sign of extreme pain. Have you also treated him for mites? Sometimes there can be underlying mites that are missed when there is a fungal infection (I've had this happen!). Heavy dosing with Ivomec as well as the antifungal treatment may help.

-=[[ Lynlee ]]=-
There are 1000's of homeless guinea pigs in rescue shelters all across Australia that NEED YOU!!

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Jun 24 12 11:26 AM

Lynlee ive been hoping youll come on. Yes ive done all the above and also with revolution. So shall i print out the articles and take it with jack to my vets?

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Jun 24 12 11:37 AM

Taking articles can go either way...

Malaseb is topical. He probably has systemic fungal so oral medication I think is the next step. (but I am not a vet etc etc).

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Jun 24 12 11:54 AM

Hi Lisa.

I agree that it's not a good idea to go to your local vet, if you're talking about the one who misdiagnosed your Isabella and my Casper.

There are vets in Wollongong who are much better, if you can get there: Jo Katsikaros at the Grange Vet Clinic, 4272 6030. Or Kevin Calleja at Crown Street Vet Hospital, 4228 3777. They're not guinea pig specialists, but they're very good general vets: much better than you know who.

Or I think I can take Jack to see David Vella on Wednesday.

Keep in touch. I'd phone you now but it's quite late (9.40 pm). Feel free to phone me when you get this. I turn my phone off when I go to bed, so you can phone late and there's no danger you'll wake me up.

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Jun 24 12 12:12 PM

As in, the fungal was on his skin, but it has gone deeper or spread and perhaps into the bloodstream, and that is what is causing fits.

Malaseb and betadine are for the fungal on his skin. Ivomec and Revolution will treat for mites and other parasitic infections. But nothing so far would treat any systemic fungal infection in the rest of him (but it hadn't spread until now) so that would where an oral medication such as griseofulvin or another fungal medication (like Nilstat if it's appropriate) comes in.

It seems to me that's what it is, but again, only a vet can tell you for sure.

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Jun 24 12 12:18 PM

Ok thanks for that. I also have nilstat drops here also. Im going to ring david vella tomorrow morning and see what i can do. Can i give nilstat now?

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Jun 24 12 12:21 PM

I don't know, sorry. I was just thinking about that -- whether fungal infections are like bacterial infections, in that they have different strains where some medications might be more appropriate than others.

If you have given it to him before, did it work and was it for the same thing?

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#16 [url]

Jun 24 12 12:38 PM

Yes, that would be bad.

I'd probably give it to my guinea pig if it was the only medication he was on, but I don't know if Nilstat is okay with Ivomec and Revolution.

And that is where I fall short!

Sorry, you need help from somewhere else than me.

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Jun 24 12 12:54 PM

Okay, Nystatin (US name for Nilstat) is listed here and preferred over griseofulvin.
But it also says it is NOT absorbed systemically when taken by mouth, so does that mean it's not useful for systemic infections? (which is why Peter Gurney would use griseofulvin?)

I'm sorry, you probably have to wait till tomorrow.

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#20 [url]

Jun 24 12 12:55 PM

If it's not absorbed systemically when taken by mouth, then don't put it in the mouth.

I agree, best to wait until you can get vet advice tomorrow.

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