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Jun 18 12 4:42 AM

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I took Lalique down to Werribee to have her teeth done, she has been gradually loosing weight for a few weeks.

For those who don't know she has been having trouble with a sinus infection that just wont seem to quit which started 2 years or so ago when she developed an eye abcess in her left eye, which quitened down after treatment with Tricin ointment, the eye was vertually useless though and was oozing some clearish puss off and on so I cleaned it each day. the eye was removed in February this year and her sinus's cleaned to see if it would help stop the infection but it didn't. Lalique also spent 6 weeks on oral baytril which she has been on before as well as Flagyl and and injectable penacillan based one which name escapes me right now. Then the incision where her left eye was removed started to seep muck which was clear at first now it stinks and is darker so the infection is in there and on top of it she has the runs and has had it for a month or so now so has been on probiotics but without a great deal of success. After path testing the infection where her eye was turned out to a Pasturella bug.
So, as well as sorting out the malclusion in her mouth they are going to open up the incision where her eye was and flush it out and hopefully after more antibiotics and her being able tp regain her weght from her teeth being fixed up she can finally recover ok and start to live a normal, fuss free life for a while, I can only hope.
I can't believ everything my poor Liquey has had to deal with over the past couple of years, I helped rescue her in early 2009 from a kindergarten playground in Baxter out the other side of Melbourne, she was skinny and very scared but came to live with my girls and lived very happily until all of this started with her eye in May 2010 and she deserves to be able to live a normal life again and enjoy cuddle time without the constant fussing over her nose and eye area etc. Fingers crossed cos if this doesn't work i'm pretty much out of options cos it's just getting so expensive and nothing seems to be working at all.
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Jun 18 12 9:22 AM

So sorry to hear about this. For sinus infection in humans, oregano oil works quite well but may be dangerous for guinea pigs. Please look into vitamin C (injection) though.

Also, doing some more reading, some chronic sinus infections in humans are caused by fungus. A doctor once told me fungal infections are prone to happen when one is on antibiotics. I know Lalique's infection is caused by pasteurella, but perhaps you could ask your vet if there's something fungal going on too? (If you decide not to test, Nilstat is perhaps under $10 from the chemist if your vet thinks this is the appropriate med etc... though I can't find much on Nilstat being used for sinus infections, but I know from this forum that it's used for fungal in guinea pigs.)

Hmm... this thread has a guinea pig on antibiotics for a long time and that resulted in yeast in his nose. Nystatin is mentioned...*&start=20 (note: page 2)

(Some edits made. Hope it's not confusing).

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Jun 18 12 11:04 AM

You could try (or perhaps your vet can tell you if it would help to use) bromelain to thin out the mucus/pus. Bromelain seems to be expensive here but is US$13 online, however Oxbow have bromelain supplements for about the same price here if you can find it (though for a much smaller bottle).

Maybe restrict fruit, sugar and grains? This is the recommendation for a GP with a URI but sugar can worsen a fungal sinus infection.

The vet said there's probably too much sugar in his diet (!) which was surprising because I'm very careful about their food. What I didnt know is that, despite my dry food for them (which they only get 30g of per day) being grain free, it actually has lots of hidden sugars So in the end luckily it looks like nothing is really badly 'wrong' but he's got critical care and some metocloral drops to get his appetite going until he's better.

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Jun 18 12 11:25 AM
Vet recommends apple cider vinegar in drinking water for guinea pig in this thread. A lot of people with sinus infections report apple cider vinegar helps/cured their sinus infection if you google it.

I hope I'm not overwhelming you with suggestions. Sorry I can't help with knowledge of antibiotics etc. That's all for now, but happy to do more reading if it helps.

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Jun 19 12 3:33 AM

It turned out there was nothing that coud be done, Lalique had a abcess in her head between her eye sockets which was oozing puss that's why it was draining through the nose as well as the incision from her eye removal surgery. The dental and sinus issues were due to this abcess, Lalique was pts becuause there was no way to get rid of it without killing her and if it had ruptured while she was concious she would have dies a horrible death, the abcess had been there for over 2 years and nothing worked but the antibiotics did keep it sort of under control, enough for her to keep living but she was starting to get sick of all the attention with cleaning her nose and pro biotics and everything else, I think she was ready to call it quits, RIP my sweet Lalique I will miss u so much my devine flying mop.

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Jun 19 12 7:18 AM

Oh I'm so sorry to hear poor Lalique. That is such a beautiful name by the way and she looked like she was a beautiful piggy. At least she isn't suffering anymore.

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Jun 19 12 7:19 AM

That's a tricky spot to have an abscess. She was a tough little girl to have lived with it for two years, and still managed to look so sweet in the photo. It took dedication to take care of her the way you did. I'm sorry for your loss.

Not that this matters but, though usually I throw everything and my shoe at any problems my guinea pigs might have, I probably would have done the same.


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Jun 19 12 10:35 AM

I'm very very sorry. *hugs*

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Jun 19 12 5:54 PM

Oh crap, I was right - didn't I mention something, maybe on FB about an abcess behind her eyes?
Sam, I am so, so did everything you possibly could for that beautiful girl. She was blessed to have you in her life.

Hugs to you and all the other girlie piggies.

-=[[ Lynlee ]]=-
There are 1000's of homeless guinea pigs in rescue shelters all across Australia that NEED YOU!!

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Jun 21 12 3:09 AM

U mentioned it to me over the ph. Lynlee last time we spoke and u weere spot on, nothing could be done tho. The abcess was in her head and couldn't be gotten too from just the eye removal back in January unfortunately otherwise Greame would've sorted it then, Sasha was cvery good tho, she took good care of Liquey, but the call had to be made once it ruptured in her head, it was really bad, i'm just glad she didn't feel anything.

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Sep 3 12 12:18 PM

I may have a permanent solution for her which may help. I've just placed my order from this overseas site for my Megsie. I've ordered the kidney one and cystitis products. Long story short this sites natural treatments seem to be hailed by guinea pig owners and regarding the bladder stone treatments our Sydney shelter has had three success stories using them.

I remembered the site has allergy rememdies as well as eye ones etc. All are safe for guinea pigs. Maybe have a read of these and see which is best suited to your girl it may be just what she needs! They take Paypal payments.

I've ordered Megsie's 'drugs' from this site as a last resort maybe their treatments will work!

With the eye I'd actually put a couple of drops of COLLOIDAL SILVER in it twice a day. All natural and has had miraculous effects on eye issues. Even this site mentions it for treatment.


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Sep 3 12 12:19 PM

Oh no I'm so sorry I didn't realise she has been put to sleep I am so terribly sorry. I wish I'd seen this sooner but it does sound like treatment would have been difficult.

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Sep 6 12 6:22 AM

it's ok Jess don't worry, u did me a huge favour bny posting the link cos I have been searching 4 this site all day. My old girl Sugar has what I believe to be bladder stones, she has all the symtoms but she's a tough old cow and hides things well. I have started feeding her boiled water with corn sild and have made several changes lately after Topaz died from complications after bladder stones surgery, I have started using only boiled water and have cut out corn, but not corn silk of husks tho and a few other things too. Sugar is permanantly indoors and gets only oxbow Timithy hay and cavy cuisine along with Lucy my abcess/dentaly troubled girl, they get fress gras and veg too everyday, Sugie has drooped some weight lately but i'm putting that down to her being out of sorts due to the bladder issues and have started syringe feeding her. I took a urine sample today and am waiting for my vet to collect it, they are a mobile vet which is really handy for me cos I can't drive, I did test on it myself with test strips and she is showing very high blood also she has some prteins and the ph bablance is high but I heard that is pretty normal I willl satrt Sugar on baytril tonight I think after speaking to my vet.
Thanks again Jess and to everyone else who posted about Liquey, I sure miss her sweet cuddliness, she was a gem.

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Sep 6 12 6:37 AM

I just ordered a heap of Lysium tablets for her, has anyone used these b4 and if so, what do they recommend is the easiest way of administering them,
Thanks, Sam.

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