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May 6 12 9:25 PM

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hello. i need to take moo.moo [7 years old boar] back to see his regular vet when the good doctor is in this week coming.

i think his teeth need to be trimmed back again. moo will have one or two good days a week, then the rest are spent with me much of the time trying to encourage food/drink [and feeding sessions if not on his own]. i know older people and pets do not eat as much, and are not as active. but he looks like he doesn't feel well these days.

the hardest part of loving and living with these little free spirited beings is when their time comes, and/or having to assist them. his brother, stardust was in a really bad way when his day came, and that decision didn't require deliberation whatsoever. i've been making moo as comfy as possible, and he's quite alert. everyone says, 'oh, you will know, they will let you know,'' et c. moo and i have had talks lately and he has permission to not hang on for me or toffee. i told him to be free if he needed to go.

i guess i thought i'd open up a discussion for how you knew when it was time to let someone go, please?

thank you.


belle, moo.moo, and toffee.

i am on the autism spectrum [asperger], and embrace neurodiversity.

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May 17 12 5:19 AM

Hi belle. This is a really difficult question and one that is very hard to think about as my piggies are relatively young. So I guess, along with everyone else, I've mulled over it here and there and avoided it somewhat...

I guess in a practical way, there are many websites that have quality of life lists and you can tick boxes and try to come up with a rating, but beyond that there are so many questions that this post can turn into an essay and my head is not quite in the right space for that...

... so I'll end my circuitous excuse of a post before I faffle on even more.

Not sure what to think, sorry. Kind of hoping I won't have to, and that maybe there's something else that can be done for moo.moo but I'm sure you've thought everything through.

I'm not much help! But best wishes.

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May 18 12 1:02 PM

Wow, 7! That is amazing

How long has he been a little off his food/not looking well for? It could just be his teeth, or maybe there is something else going on? It may not just be his age. For exsample, my 9 year old bunny, Harry, has been loseing weight, at first we just assumed it was due to his old age, as they tend to lose conditon, but we decided to get some tests done, and it turns out he has intestinal worms! Point being, his symptoms may have nothing to do with his age. Bring it up with his vet, unless you already have discussed it?

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May 19 12 12:11 PM

The couple of times I've had to make the call for my piggies, it was kinda obvious...

My divine Lara had dental issues, that were later found to be caused by a tooth-root abcess. She also developed bladder stones (which were flushed out) and oral thrush, and simply would NOT eat food. She was a fighter though, and it was several weeks of her losing weigh, gaining weight, losing weight before I made the call to have her PTS. Every day, she would simply look like she as ready to fight on yet another day, so in the end I decided to try to have her bad tooth extracted, despite her low weight. But the morning she was to go in for surgery, she just looked so tired. She dragged herself out to her food dish, dropped herself into the dish and simply looked exhausted and had given up. So instead of surgery, I opted for PTS. She was terribly thin, despite hand feeding etc. Mind you, she still put up a fight when the vet tried to gas her down! Sometimes I think I should have tried a bit more, but no, she was ready to go. RIP my darling, sweet girl.

My current dental pig, Nina, was deathly thin about 6 weeks ago, and the vet was saying it was probably time to have her PTS...but I said it was clear she wasn't ready to go even though she had developed a tooth-root abcess.

So, she and I continued to fight through this...and today, she is almost perfectly normal! Still has dental problems, but the tooth abcess has gone and she isn't thin - she certainly isnt ready to go!

So, yeh, go with your gut - you should know your piggy well enough to know when they are ready to go. And you can make that passing a lot easier for them once they have made it clear that they are ready.

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