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May 1 12 10:53 AM

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Hello, my 2 guinea pigs dont seem to be drinking very much at all over the last week is that because we are getting colder weather now do you think ?

and there not pooing as much and when they do its very very soft and messy it seems to be getting every where they are both boys and both are 2 years old almost. any ideas would be great.

oh and iam not to sure which one it is but one of them keep sneezing.
Thank you
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May 1 12 12:52 PM

This is worrying. I strongly suggest you

(a) take them to the vet ASAP

(b) post this on the guinealynx forum:

Good luck!

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May 1 12 1:04 PM

We've had bouts of sneezing here and there, and it's usually hard to me to tell which one is sneezing. I'm usually out of the room or not looking. Sometimes it's only someone chomping on a carrot. A random sneeze is okay. Several is suspicious.

It's important to check their weight regularly (even if I don't often follow that advice successfully -- I try to do it at least semi-regularly, and write it down in a notebook by their cage. I keep their scales nearby too. That helps.) Best to weigh them now, so you can monitor whose weight has gone down, especially if you can't tell whose sneezing.

Also check their eyes to see if it's watery. If they're not outright watery, the hairs around them may be slightly clumped together.

Guinea pigs are susceptible to cold weather. This nearly happened to my piggy when he didn't go into his bedding overnight about a month ago. If either one or both of your piggies have symptoms of a URI (upper respiratory infection), they'll need to go to a vet.

In the mean time, a hot water bottle and vitamin C helps (100mg/kg). Also if they're not eating, handfeed them with crushed pellets until you can get some Critical Care.

Ooh, slow post. So I'm not the only one thinking perhaps URI... or something else.

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May 1 12 1:21 PM

More info on URI

Guinea Lynx is a good place to go especially if it's late at night over here, but also keep us posted?

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May 1 12 3:07 PM

From guinea lynx. Vitamin C dose.

Oral Dosage: 50mg/kg to treat scurvy, 25 to 50mg/kg for ill pigs, 25mg/kg for healthy pigs

I used 100mg/kg when I suspected my piggy was starting to come down with a URI. (He had some loss of appetite, was not his usual self, but no sneezing and no watery eye). Maybe I should have gone to the vet straight away, and generally the recommendation is to take them to the vet ASAP as URIs develop quickly, but luckily for me, he was well within a few hours (under close watch), after I handfed him some food and kept him warm.

100mg/kg is what I remembered as safe for sick pigs (at least temporarily), but I can't find the reference. I used ascorbic acid, rather than sodium ascorbate or calcium ascorbate.

Anyway, I would not suggest anyone do what I did. You should take your guinea pig to a vet ASAP if he's showing symptoms of a URI, but giving a vitamin c supplement straight away and keeping him warm, fed until you see the vet helps, IMHO.

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May 2 12 2:38 AM

Jess (from ACS) has been mentioning a lot of QLD piggies are getting sick with coccidi due to the weather?
Are you on her facebook?

Radish and Little Foot
Rocky and Liam

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May 2 12 7:17 AM

Last time I was worrying about coccidiosis, I had trouble finding information about it on the web. Anyone got a good source of info for yo-yo?

One thing I remember is that a vet can test piggies' poos for coccidiosis. Yo-yo, if you think coccidiosis is a possibility then you should check BOTH piggies' poos, because it's contagious.

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May 2 12 7:58 AM

The impression I get is that cocci in guinea pigs mostly happens in Australia and only in the last few years. It doesn't get seem to get mentioned on Guinea Lynx.

ACS has a write-up by Jess:

And there are quite a few threads on this forum:

Google search:

Cocci doesn't explain the sneezing, yet URI doesn't usually come with diarrhea either... Lynlee said in another post it could be watery veggies, and that could explain part of it.

The odd thing is I looked up Jess' Facebook page about cocci -- while her ACS page says that guinea pig cocci is not contagious between humans (edit and piggies, the March 28 case has affected her volunteers and her. (I'm not sure if this is the latest news though).

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May 4 12 3:59 AM

Hey just a quick update
Well i stopped giveing them all the night food of veg/salad stuff as some one told me to do
and only gave lots of hay and well that seems to be working there poos are still soft but not as much as they where and now they are drinking lots again so i think they will be fine.

How long should i wait befor giveing the veg/salad stuff back to them any ideas.

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#15 [url]

May 4 12 4:59 AM

Not sure. How long has it been?

Are they still sneezing (and are their eyes okay)?

Are they being their normal selves?

I guess the important thing is to make very sure they don't have anything else going on.

Have you been checking their weight?

If it's diarrhea from over-feeding watery vegetables only, then maybe another day? Until their poos are normal again, then reintroduce slowly -- hang on, I need to look all this up when I have time later.

But if you have been feeding them lots of vegetables as part of a regular diet, then I don't see why they should have soft poos all of a sudden, until there was a recent change. I feed mine lots of watery vegetables and even leave them dripping wet so they get extra water, and their poos are fairly normal and regular. Guinea pigs don't always behave according to logic though...

What's normal, from Guinea Lynx:

As long as there's nothing else going on, I don't think it matter if their poos are improving slowly, as long as they're improving! Sorry I can't help you with how long it takes. I'd guess a few days but it's a guess.

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#16 [url]

May 5 12 1:14 AM

They are still sneezing but there eyes seem fine
its been 3 days sice i stopped giveing them veg

Are they being their normal selves ?? well yes and no there not quit as active

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May 5 12 4:40 AM

Sneezing is a bit suss.

Guinea pigs get allergies, but it's unlikely and it's even more unlikely that both of them are having allergies at the same time.

I'm not sure what else can cause sneezing besides URI and allergies...

With URIs, they're not like human colds and won't go away by themselves, but they're very treatable with antibiotics from the vet. It'll also have to be prompt treatment as guinea pigs can deteriorate quite quickly.

Since they're sneezing and not as active, and knowing guinea pigs tend to hide illness, I'd take them to the vet.

You could ask on Facebook if you're not sure. This place is a bit quiet these days.

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#18 [url]

May 5 12 11:43 AM

I agree with hayfever. Definitely get them to a good vet as soon as possible. Do you know a good vet near you? If not, maybe someone else here does.

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May 16 12 11:49 AM

Update not so good
well yo-yo is better now and rocky did seem better
but i guess he really wasnt cause last night he could hardly move he looked so sick and lost lots of weight so we took him to the vet and he has a very bad case of pneumoia the vet gave him an injection and now we just have to wait and see how he goes but the vet did say it might be to late just to pray so yeah just thought i would let you all know

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#20 [url]

May 16 12 11:53 AM

I'm so sorry. Sending lots of love to Rocky.

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