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Apr 13 12 8:57 AM

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Hi Everyone

I know I'm not the only fleece addict, so I thought I would post this.

While taking my daughter shopping today we spotted some new fleece patterns in the shops.

The Warehouse - had some new very pretty girly patterns. I bought a blue one with butterflies, but there was a lovely red/pink/hearts one. There was some other nice ones too. These were $5 each.

The later we went to Best & Less. Only one really nice girly one this season, but it's lovely. It's a light purple/jacaranda colour with big white stars. Just lovely. $10 though which seemed a bit much.

I've got so much fleece, I just don't need anymore. I'll probably go back tomorrow and buy the purple one from Best & Less, because it was just so so nice. My pigs have got a lot of purple themed things, and this fleece will just look lovely.

I was at the Reject store today too, but I didn't see anything new. Had a good range of the very pretty baby size fleece, but same patterns as last year.

I've seen new ones at Woolies but nothing pretty.

Anyone else seen new pretty fleece this year?
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Apr 15 12 4:24 AM

Gonna head down to Sam's Warehouse soon I love the patterns on the fleece they get in! Just love winter as finally all the fleece comes out hehe.

Someone else just gave me a heads up that LINCRAFT has fleece 2m x 1m long for $4.99. Bargain!

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Apr 20 12 10:17 AM

I managed to find single bed sized fleece blankets for $10 about two weeks ago. It was just a one-off special at a distant shopping centre. Since then I've seen them -- I forget where!!! - for maybe $15? (Okay, I think it was Sam's, but if not, I found some online too).

Anyway, noteworthy for being bigger than pignic fleece and big enough for 5x2 beds. Hrm, enclosure flooring not beds.

Plain colours only that I saw. Black and pastel.

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Jul 13 12 12:42 PM

I found some $2.50 120x150cm "white" fleece blankets at Kmart (actually a light cream colour). Thin, but useful for checking urine colour. Fabric stores probably have light coloured fleece too, but this is precut.

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Jul 14 12 11:19 AM

I got 2 fleece throws for $14 each at Aldi one is my little pony and the other is Little Miss, very cute and the fleece is nice and thick and must be cosy to walk on and they fit the lounge area perfectly.

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