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Mar 27 12 2:21 PM

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Getting a bit worried about skizzy, his lips are a bit crusty, but it comes and goes. I tried taking a picture, any advice? Its where the little brown patch on the lips are, he wont let me take a good look at it, too explorative, was hard enough taking the picture lol


Here's a picture of the two of them eating
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Mar 27 12 11:08 PM

his lips are a bit red this morning, i think his lips were bleeding, held him for awhile and he cleaned himself and thr was a bit of red tinge on his left leg, from what might be the blood on his lips? i managed to touch it, felt hard but nothing wenton my finger. he likes trying to eat my pajamas tho xD and the buttons. and he wouldnt stop licking my finger, which is usual for him but he was licking more than he usually does.

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Mar 28 12 3:27 AM

could it be a scab where his tooth has gone through his lip? one of my foster boys teeth chatters at everything, i noticed the silly boy has a tiny bloody scab on his lip where he must of bit his lip. would that be it?

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Mar 28 12 4:47 AM

never heard skizzy teeth chatter before, and i havent been able to check his teeth, he gets too explorative during cuddle time. but i hope thats wat it could be, checked him about an hr ago and it was cleared up, definantly getting me confused. I dont think he fights with his brother, they keep trying to rumble with eachother XD and when we're cuddling one the other sometimes cries and wants to be cuddle too, and when we bring them both out they are constantly trying to get to eachother, they would jump if they didnt wanna risk falling and hurting themselves lol.

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Apr 1 12 1:56 AM

definitely chelitis. This can be caused by one of three different things.
1. he might have a sensitivity to a fruit or vegie that you give him. Some pigs are sensitive to apples or oranges or watermelon or cucumber or tomatoes. You might want to try each thing at different times to see what affects him. The only real way to treat this is to avoid the food that upsets him.
2. yeast infection - that is, thrush or candida. This can be treated using oral doses of an antifungal/anticandidal drug such as Nilstat/Nystatin. This is available at the chemist and you can basically give the piggy 0.2ml 2-4 times a day without a problem. Also trickle a bit of the treatment over his lips and up through the cleft in his lips under his nose. Treat him every day until 5 days after the final scabs disappear.
3. bacterial infection - if the Nilstat doesn't work to clear up the scabs, then its possible he has a bacterial infection. The only thing that will work is an antibiotic cream that you apply in small amounts several times a day. THis stuff you will probably have to get from the vet.

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Apr 7 12 1:41 PM

sorry for not checking for like a week, but its feen a few days and all signs have gone, im not sure what it was, only thing that has changed is that i chop up his veges instead now and this week they had some endive.

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