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Feb 24 12 12:47 PM

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I usually wrap my celery in alfoil, and put other smaller veges in ziplock bags. I find when i put the celery in alfoil it days crisp for a few more days, but its annoying wrapping and unwrapping it, having to be careful not to rip the alfoil. One time i bought LOTS of different veges, cut them up and put them into a container, this worked, but took an hour or so to cut up all the veges, i bought ALOT.

What tricks do you guys use?
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Feb 25 12 1:33 PM

Don't have any tricks - with 230 piggies, I go through 4 celeries and a heap of other vegies in one sitting! LOL

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Feb 26 12 10:54 PM

yeah that's what I was trying to think of, the crisper. Mine last for at least 50% longer. Plus the vege/fruit that I get out of my own home grown veges

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Feb 29 12 1:55 AM

I pre-make my salads a few days in advance. It makes life easier when you've got an unpredictable work/uni schedule. Some days I don't get home until 8pm so it's easier for my mum to feed the pigs if their salads are pre-made.

I put each day's salad into a plastic chinese container and lay some paper towel on the top and bottom to soak up any water. You would be surprised at how much water pools in the bottom of the container, and you want to soak it up otherwise your vegetables will rot.

If you don't want to pre-make your salads, I find putting your vegetables in an airtight container with plenty of paper towel to soak up the water will keep them fresher for longer. Also, keep them in the crisper

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Feb 29 12 7:01 AM

I used to do that Piggieguru but my boys used to get really fussy, but when i do it daily they seem to find it more enjoyable ... lol ... boys huh!

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Mar 6 12 3:10 AM

i think everyone has this problem?

1. put fruit and veg bought for pigs as soon as possible in the fridge

2. I put most veg individually in large zip lock bag with paper towel at the bottom, the papertowel will suck up the water which is left. Replace paper towel every few days.

3. I also use really good but VERY expensive tupperware containters which guarentee two weeks for fresh fruit and veg.

4. try and use your veg crisper in the fridge. and don't put too many things in it.

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Mar 6 12 7:43 AM

I put things in the crisper as I have already said but I also dont buy too much at once... so maybe do shopping for them once, sometimes twice a week depending on money....

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Mar 19 12 12:04 PM

Because I run the ACS Brisbane Shelter we have two fridges for the piggies here.

We go veg shopping once a week and I find all the piggy veg that fills the fridges stays fine for up to 6-7 days. No probs this end!

Katy like you said though the crisper works amazing hey!


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Mar 19 12 12:06 PM

Oh one other thing that I find helps keep the piggy veg fresh though is actually that I leave most of the veg in the cardboard boxes they come in,in the fridges. I find the cardboard around the veg really helps keep it fresh.

Maybe you could try this to? I think the cardboard helps absorb any moisture and keeps it nice and fresh. As long as the box you choose has air holes in it it should help.

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