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Jan 28 12 3:23 AM

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I have never used fleece before. I have always used newspaper and hay which I find can become smelly quite quickly. Can you use fleece for an outside hutch? My hutch is on our decking which has a roof and is always shaded. Would fleece be warm enough for my guinea pigs outside?
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Jan 28 12 4:42 AM

I use newspaper, then wood chips (it helps to absorb their pee) and depending on whos cage I'm cleaning, hay on top.

I never even thought about using fleece before but I know other members have so maybe they will be more of help!

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Jan 28 12 9:42 AM

Fleece outside in an undercover cage would be fine. I have several pigs on fleece in my shed - its kinda like having them outside!

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Jan 31 12 6:44 AM

Yeah ive had mine on fleece winter i just make sure I put fleece over their cage and give them an igloo or so to huddle up in.

Petal and little balls of wheeky delight.

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Jan 31 12 7:42 AM

I have placed an order for some cuddle sacks from pigalicious which I can't wait for! so that should keep them very warm. I also went and bought some fleece today from spotlight now I just need to wash it a few times. Hopefully my pigs will love it.

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Jul 17 12 8:35 AM

Next time I clean my guinea pig hutch I am going to but puppy pee pads underneath there newspaper to soak up the pee and hopefully it will take away the smell
You could try that too

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