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Jan 25 12 4:52 AM

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I am sick and tired of going to vets and them telling me my pigs and bunny should only be given dried food on special occassions. and they do get a variety of different safe veg/fruits and always have access to hay but arrghhhh

if my lot dont have access to dry food they go crazy... maybe I spoil them too much? I dont know... help!

what do you guys think?

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Jan 25 12 5:37 AM

My piggies get a mix of 3 different pellet brands and their bowls are always full! i dont measure and fuss as much as most my piggies are happy healthy and i get nothing but compliments on how nice they are!

dont stress piggies and rabbits need to have acess to a good quality dry feed.

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Jan 25 12 6:24 AM

thats what confuses me!!! the other day my bunny had his booster vacc and the vet said he was perfect
she then said dry food should be a treat and their main diet is fresh veg/fruit

I wish vets would know what these sml animals need!!!! grrrrr

thanks for your reply to, really appreciated

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Jan 27 12 7:41 AM

The dry mix is the least important part of the diet in Buns and Pigs.
The most impotant is HAY. Hay, hay and more hay!!! And daily vegies.
Mine get UNLIMITED good quality hay, 1/8th of their oxbow pellets and when its gone they dont get anymore untill the next day, and vegies at night.

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Feb 3 12 10:51 PM

Yep I agree with Kelly. I wouldn't give them unlimited quantities of dry food - they fill up on it and then don't eat the more important stuff; hay and veggies. I give them each 1/8 of a cup of pellets at night with their veggies (they always have hay). No pellets in the morning, but they get more veggies and I top up their hay. So in answer to your last question, no you won't be a bad mum.


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Feb 4 12 3:01 AM

thank you!

I have been giving them just their dry food at night times, hay always, and daily vegies.

I was very suprised how much hay they ate yesterday and especially munchkin!!

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