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Oct 14 11 5:02 AM

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Are they healthier than normal flies? (carl barron )

Anyway, yeh how do i get rid of the pesky worried they will harm my girls they are annoying!

(Also learnt yesterday dont put mango skin in ur main bin-flies and stuff there this morning!!)

Petal and little balls of wheeky delight.

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Oct 14 11 9:54 AM

Fruit fly traps from bunnings?

Linley - servant to Phil, Jarryd and Charlotte
1 tropical fish aquarium
1 spoilt budgie - Buddy
4 furbabies - Tico, Enzo, Gizmo and Cosmo
1 fuzzy bunny Lola

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Oct 28 11 3:00 AM

Liz sadly I'm no help here. We've been battling them since the shelter moved to the new location. I can not get them to go away I've tried so many things.

They love fruit hey! I think the best thing you can do is to keep damp at bay and try to clean out any old veg/fruit from the piggies cage as soon as you can. Any scraps dispose of somewhere the fruit flies won't get to them.

Trying some plants to keep them away may help e.g. mint, citronella, wormwood I think may help to....

Fruit flies also don't like lots of air movement when it's windy you'll find they're not around much. Maybe a fan in the room may help here to.

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