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Oct 10 11 11:00 AM

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This is worth watching if you need to learn how to handfeed.

Handfeeding your guinea pig.

The video is two months old. I think it hasn't been posted yet.
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Oct 10 11 11:04 AM

Handfeeding a reluctant guinea pig

This video is even newer.

My guinea pig is ten times worse than the guinea pig in this video, but then I'm trying to syringe him cranberry water after not having much success with cranberry/critical care/vegetable baby food mash.

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Apr 20 12 11:21 AM

I've found that 1ml syringes are awful. Especially when you snip off the end. An "oral syringe" from the chemist is better. They have a silicon loop around the top so you can pull on the syringe with your thumb, and have a soft feeding tip that I have to hold onto with my first two fingers. Piggy can chew on the tip and may even try to bite it off, but it's much easier to push the food through the widened tip. When using the 1mm, food sometimes got stuck and sprayed into their mouths if I pushed too hard. They also had to be refilled all the time.

Oral syringes (usually for babies) cost about $8 at the chemist and come in blue cardboard and plastic packaging. I found oral syringes at Sam's or something for much cheaper but they were also much, much harder to use.

Here's a pic.

What do you guys use?

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Apr 20 12 3:29 PM

Wow! Lots of homework there!
I've never seen those oral syringes before - might give them a try. I have a special syringe from my vet which is designed for small animal feding. But affectively, its like a large syringe designed for catheters, so it has a long tip with a large opening. Similar to this
Only problem is that its a bit uncomfortable for the piggy, having something so large shoved in their mouth. At the moment, I have a very sick girly who I'm feeding with the 1ml syringe technique - its a bother too, because the end is so thick that I'm sure it hurts her mouth.

Might have to check out those oral syringes tomorrow, I reckon.

-=[[ Lynlee ]]=-
There are 1000's of homeless guinea pigs in rescue shelters all across Australia that NEED YOU!!

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Apr 21 12 1:15 AM

It wasn't voluntary. My g. p. is a hard master. Also it is amazing how long they make you wait at pharmacies so you have time to pick up all the stuff you need and don't need.

Hrm, the price of the syringe in your link is probably for a bulk pack, I've decided after waking up properly. (Bit of a shock at first. ) Um, is it?

While looking for pics of my syringe, I also found this.

It may be tougher which is better for you as you have many guinea pigs, but I have no idea whether it is easier to use. :/

With the silicon (is it silicon?), erm, SOFT tip, I try to move the tip to the side so he can't bite it, but it has some bite marks.

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Apr 21 12 4:55 AM

Hrm, the price of the syringe in your link is probably for a bulk pack, I've decided after waking up properly. (Bit of a shock at first. ) Um, is it?

It says down the bottom that there's 60 syringes per unit, hayfever. ;)

That looks terrific. I'll bookmark that link... I might purchase a 10mL one sometime in the near future.

Jessica (& pigs).

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Apr 21 12 5:34 AM

Hm. Yes. Reading can be a challenge.

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