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Jun 6 11 1:51 AM

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"If a guinea pig wheeks in a grassy field will anyone hear?"

Ariel the guinea pig
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Jun 6 11 5:01 AM

Careful folks - thats a trick question...Ariel is testing us!

Of course we'd hear - you little rodents have us all so well trained that we can discern a piggy wheek from a mile away and come running with armloads of vegies! LOL

-=[[ Lynlee ]]=-
There are 1000's of homeless guinea pigs in rescue shelters all across Australia that NEED YOU!!

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Jun 6 11 6:12 AM

lol good one haha! I would say if there's a few piggies yes hehe.

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Jul 16 11 7:06 AM


Hayley :)

Hubby Scott and 4 children, Rylee, Abbey, Levi and Tamzyn!

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