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May 27 11 6:58 AM

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having trouble editing when I want to go into post something I am having to create a whole new post too add some additional information, is there someone that can look into this for me? I don't want to keep posting short posts, but its the only thing I can do at the moment
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May 27 11 7:57 AM

Julz, I've just taken a look and can't work out why you can't edit posts - there doesn't seem to be any reason why not. I'll keep looking and try to sort out the problem for you.

-=[[ Lynlee ]]=-
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May 27 11 9:46 AM

Thanks heaps Lynlee, it has been happening on and off over the last week and that is why I have had too make 2 or so more posts because I am unable too edit too add more, I dont like doing this but it's the only choice I have

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May 27 11 10:16 AM

Wow it looks like things have changed for me to lol out of nowhere for some reason I'm actually getting post reply alerts in my hotmail inbox. They stopped coming through about a year ago. I haven't changed my profile or settings...weird lol but good!

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May 27 11 12:09 PM

In which sub-forum where you trying to edit?

I have edit in some sub forums but from memory, places like the coffee bar have no edit options.

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