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Mar 17 11 9:48 AM

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Not sure if this is the right section but .....

Just wanted too put a suggestion in, can we possibly in the near future put a section in for cleaning and any questions we may have regarding sanitization and what chemicals are good for cleaning out cages that have had the worst of the worst diseases in like the ones that unfortunatly take the lives of these precious sweet animals?

like for instance the use of F10 and how too use it and when too use it?

Plus stuff like ammonia?

Just a suggestion because I would like too know more about this too keep things in a very sanitized environment without doing halm too the piggies

Looking forward too any feedback that we get
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Mar 18 11 1:46 AM

Demetri&Benji wrote:
Oh ? really? ok cooll! I just didnt want too go posting cleaning stuff in a decorating section heeh thanks Bonnie

i think if a forum gets a specific as a cleaning section then it will become way to complicated and hard to find things

Bonnie, mum to
~many beautiful rescued piggies,dogs,cats and ratties~

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