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Jan 19 11 9:47 AM

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Has anyone seen them at Bunnings this year?

I think they are gone. They didnt even have the ibex brand anymore, but had an identical replacement pack in another brand in exactly the same location as the ibex and also the same price ($13 for 5 grids).

My current grids are all rubbermaid and I read somewhere that ibex cubes were a slightly different size, so you couldn't use them on the same structure (something like that).

I don't need them urgently or anything. I'm just getting concenred that I can't buy them anymore.

Has anyone talked to anyone at Bunnings to find out what is happening with the grids. I did try today, but after waiting a very long time and asking three different people I gave up.

Brisbane people - today I looked for them in Capalaba bunnings (where they have always been), and yesterday I searched Victoria Point bunnings (there was no grids there at all). I know from other times that Cannon Hill never had Rubbermaid grids. So those three bunnings are out when looking for Rubbermaid grids.
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Jan 19 11 9:52 AM

i have tried both brands and havent noticed a difference, the one problem i found was using bunnings and reject shop grids in the same cage as they were slightly different sizes and thicknesses and the connectors didnt fit snuggly on both brands.

My bunnings has both brands as of last week when i checked but we are in NSW so probably have different stock

Bonnie, mum to
~many beautiful rescued piggies,dogs,cats and ratties~

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Jan 19 11 10:03 AM

nuts&bolts wrote:
we use zip ties instead of connectors, that way it doesnt matter if they dont match

i did that too but when i built sillys two story cage it posed a pain as the connectors and zip ties are good for that.
Maybe the floods have prevented the stock from being there right now?

Bonnie, mum to
~many beautiful rescued piggies,dogs,cats and ratties~

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Jan 19 11 10:09 AM

Thanks Bonnie, yes I am hoping the stock will come back in. Part of the reason why I was concenred was that the shelf tag (sticker on metal shelving, so hard to remove) for the rubbermaid grids was gone. The ibex shelf tag was still there, despite the fact that there was no more ibex.

I think anytime I drive by a further away/different bunnings now, I am going to stop and look for rubbermaid grids.

Other than that it is just waiting till/if aldi and the reject shop get them in stock again.

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Jan 19 11 10:15 AM

I bought some at Rocklea Bunnings recently, and I guess if you're desperate and are willing to pay extra plus postage (!) they're available here online:

I've also bought them from Cannon Hill last year at some point too.

I've noticed the new grids at other Bunnings though along with the disappearance of Ibex and Rubbermaid grids from the shelves.

Jessica (& pigs).

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#6 [url]

Jan 19 11 11:14 AM

Ohh, Powder Coated...thanks for that link. I prefer the powder coated to plastic coated (I have some of the old Big W powder coated ones and just adore them, been using them nearly 5 years and they are still in perfect condition)


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Jan 19 11 10:09 PM

Bunnings at carseldine had them a few weeks ago. If your store doesnt you can have them bring them in from a different store for you i think that still happens lol.

April :)
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Jan 19 11 11:06 PM

I have the exact same problem as you.
Bunnings Capalaba don't have them.
Bunnings Mt Gravatt don't have them.

I was acutally going to go look at Bunnings Victoria Point on the weekend. Now i don't have to.

I'm still searching and its becomming very frustrating.

Where do you live in Redlands? maybe we could combine postage on some grids?

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Jan 20 11 5:04 AM

Hi Piggies, wow, another person from the Redlands. I live in Birkdale.

I was going to try Bunnings Mt Gravatt on the weekend as I need to be in the Mt Gravatt area for another reason. So I wont bother trying that one now.

Julz, can you list the names of the bunnings stores on the northside that you think may still have Rubbermaid Grids.

Piggies, mayaybe we can get Bunnings Capalaba to get them in from one of these other Bunnings. I definitely want to try that route first before I try anything else (ie. paying expensive postage, think I'd rather buy the fake ibex grids (brand name of the new grids is "ALL SET") before I paid postage.

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#14 [url]

Jan 20 11 5:34 AM

Hi Julz

With this new brand of grids (All Set) there is only about 5 or 6 packs (packs of 5) left in the store. So that's only enough for 1 person to build a cage.

I want 2 or 3 packs of rubbermaids, but it is not urgent at all (I can wait 6 months if I have to), I'd rather not buy grids if I am stopping someone else from getting them who needs them to house piggies urgently.

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#15 [url]

Jan 20 11 12:46 PM

Have you tried bunnings at Browns Plains or is that to far away ?

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Its a greater risk not to chase your dreams then it is to chase your dreams.

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#16 [url]

Jan 20 11 4:29 PM

I have nothing against people on the southside but it just seems so many choose to live on the southside plus travelling from the north too the south especially out too browns plains is like an hour and a half just one way, its where I had to travel too to get too Pets Domain to get my piggie mix.

and then I think again why is it that we have less bunnings on the northside then the southside, is it the population north v south side of brisbane??

theres like 6 - 9 times MORE bunnings that are on the north side of Brisbane!!!!! I think I need too write to bunnings to build MORE on the northside!

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#17 [url]

Jan 20 11 9:59 PM

I've only just moved into the area so I really dont know how long it takes to get to places. I choose this side because it has a defence transition aid at my childrens new school and in all honesty after living in Eagleby any place is better from my experience. It takes me an hour to get to Cashmere and Keperra so I'm really still finding my way around. Just a quick questions but I was once told there is a friendly rivarly between North and south anyone know if its true?

4 children
4 guinea pigs
1 dog
8 fish
Its a greater risk not to chase your dreams then it is to chase your dreams.

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Jan 21 11 12:17 AM

Im going too go and get another 2 packets of grids on the weekend .... which is tomorrow!!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!

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