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Jan 7 11 2:25 PM

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Haha this is one I told my friend but she didnt believe me haha dont blame her though lol

Blondes arent dumb we're just too smart for they rest of you to understand us

Well even if we are dumb at least we have an excuse tehehe

Also if you have any blonde jokes feel free to add them here
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Jan 7 11 3:08 PM

I could of used that one amy when I was blonde for about 8 months!!!! Damn! Well I've noted it down because I intend to get streaks through my hair very shortly! it would be a nice treat, what woman doesnt like getting pampered!!!

My father is a particular one who likes to throw crap at me when I dye my hair blonde! I will have some come backs for him now! sweeeeeeeeeeeeet as

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Jan 7 11 3:25 PM

Haha yeah my friends give me crap when i have my "blonde moments" Im like hey I wasnt being dumb i was just being too smart for you to understand haha they dont fall for it though they still think im dumb LOL haha

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Jan 7 11 3:33 PM

I dont know if you guys have heard this one but Ill give it a try:

What do you call a line of blondes lined up ear to ear?

A tunnel (or you can use a wind pipe) haha 'cause we're not suppose to have any brains hehe

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