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Jan 7 11 12:55 PM

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To call someone a hero means - I'd decide what to do by asking what they'd do in the same situation. That's a stricter standard than admiration. --Paul Graham

Make a list of your heroes. Is there a pattern? (It means those are the qualities you'd like to see most in yourself!)


Hey guys,

for me personally I don't use the word hero as such but moreso those that I find inspirational I know the term can mean the same thing to some people.

The people that have inspired me in my life in the biggest ways are:

Steve Irwin (Animal awareness leader)
Jamie Oliver (TV host)
Oprah (TV host)
Mahatma Ghandi (independant leader)
Michael Jackson (musician)
Salvador Dali (artist)
Nelson Mandela (thinker/leader)
Leonardo Da Vinci (artist/inventor)
Dr Kate Sugars (Psychiatrist) -mine lol although not current for a few years. Many people would know her although she still practises at Newfarm in Brissy. 3-4yrs of seeing her beyond well worth it. She literally saved my life and taught me things about myself and people and life that you wouldn't normally really learn in most circumstances. Also many individual people combined that I met through 'the system' over a course of 7-8yrs. Individuals that will never be known but that touched my heart and taught me things about human compassion, understanding, myself and 'life' as well and the list goes on. Many would never get to experience what I did through those years due to never having been put in in this sort of scenario. I will never regret those years of my life.

The animals...too many to count.

Who have been your heroes or the most influencial inspirational people in your life?

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Jan 7 11 1:00 PM

I may add a couple more but the first two that popped into my head were steve and jamie followed by those that may not be so obvious to me but have played just as important roles.

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Jan 7 11 1:48 PM

Nah I dont use the word Hero either Jess I more use My Role Model like the person I want to be when I grow up haha I have like heaps and heaps and heaps! Now this'll sound really stupid Jess but a few years ago like when we first meet I had this kind of obsestion with you. You were the only person I talked about to my friends and the only person I looked up to. And even now after all these years I wouldnt change a single thing about you, 'cause when I grow up I wana be just like my Childhood Savour, Jessica Proietti. ;) <3

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Jan 7 11 2:06 PM

Ive had alot of people Ive had obsestions with over the years bbut your the only one thats really meant something and stuck in my life. haha just meant to be I guess ;)

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Jan 7 11 4:15 PM

The role models/mentors that have inspired me are... Lynlee [Chuffnut]... Dr. Steven Hawkins {physiscyst] not spelt right LOL. Princess Diana..., Jenny Mcarthy actress/ author of Warrior mothers.....Billy connelly comedian..... Sir David Attenbougher.... Oprah. It's not just famous people who have inspired me, I have had equal impact from non famous people who have helped to shape my life.

x~~~x~x~~~x Cheryl x~~~x~x~~~x

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Jan 7 11 7:50 PM

My Mum, who is not with us anymore, is the one person I now know as an adult that I want to be like and would love Clare to follow also. She was the person who was there for everyone and anyone, the kindest, sweetest and had the best morals in a person I have even seen.

Nothing I say about her could ever compare to actually knowing her.

I miss her.

Donna. :)

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