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Mar 29 06 11:59 AM

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Please use this thread to post photos of housing that is inappropriate and for a guinea pig to live in.
Please include a small description with your photo explaining why.

This thread has been created for viewers to use as a reference. You may reply to someone else's post as this is also a discussion thread.

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#1 [url]

Mar 29 06 12:10 PM

Hi Guys,

I found these links a while ago I had posted them on another forum but thought they may be relevent to share here also. These AREN'T in Australia although are what I believe to be unnaceptable housing for piggies. Far to small..

What sort of a life is this living in a tiny cage staring at four blank walls your entire life and having nothing to hide in or under...
Way way way to small for piggies these cages the measurements are on the website basically the cages are approximately 60cm x 45cm and again just so plain how could a guinea pig possibly lead a happy life in these jail cells...

Another link:
If you scroll down this page you'll see plastic containers used as housing. Plastic has little to no air circulation for the guineas and the caging is far to small.


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#2 [url]

Mar 29 06 12:22 PM

This is how a certain breeder overseas houses their guinea pigs. Sadly there are many breeders overseas that house their piggies in similar housing situations. Some breeders in australia can house their guinea pigs in just as bad conditions although I would " hope " that we deal with these people over here rather than just let them keep on doing what they're doing. I've reported a couple of breeders to the rspca in the past and they were dealt with. Instead of tiny housing on clean bedding it was tiny housing along with mass breeding, cage overcrowding, filthy bedding, sick animals all in one in the situations I've reported.

Anyhow back on topic. Not only does this particular breeder/exhibitors mass breed but the offspring that are not quality enough or are of no use for the show/pedigree world, are put to sleep aka killed. Others also put their animals to sleep it is not just this breeder.

I can't seem to get this below link to work you may have to copy and paste it.'sCaviary.html
There are no words to describe how I feel for the animals in this caviary.
Sad...very sad.
Wire flooring a no no although in this image we have wire flooring plus cage overcrowding in a cage far to small for this many animals.


PS: I know this post may be a bit extreme as Australians do not house their animals in as extreme conditions as the above although at the very least it is an eyeopener.

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#3 [url]

Mar 30 06 2:02 AM

These are some of your typical petstore cages still available today here in Australia. All are far to small for guinea pigs and even keeping just one piggy on it's own...well it wouldn't be much of a life for the animal.

The prices of alot of these sorts of petstore cages are obsurd considering what they are offering.

I know there are now " larger " versions of the " style " of these cages which can be found nowdays with the plastic base and wire sides but these examples here are not them.


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#4 [url]

Mar 30 06 6:40 AM

They are priced stupid for a plastic guinea pig cage!
They are too small also. Because you dont house 'a' guinea pig you atleast have a pair.
What I have done before with those cages, I bought them from a store for about $50 each, is cut a tunnel in the side of the plastic & join three cages together. They end up having this fun tunnel joined cage that is quite long. I did that when I had two piggies. Still have those cages ofcourse..incase I wish to increase my little brood hehe.

Pet shop and Australian guinea pig cages in general are very misinformed and so people buying guinea pigs that trust the stores dont realise it is insufficient space. You pretty much have to make your own enclosures for them to get adequate space. Sad really.

We have enslaved animals and have treated our distant cousins in fur and feathers so badly that beyond doubt, if they were able to formulate a religion, they would depict the Devil in human form.

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#6 [url]

May 1 06 2:37 AM

Just thought I'd say if for some reason you MUST buy a pet store cage, get the largest plastic base, wire top one you can find, preferably from a shop like dollar save which dosn't sell live animals. Dollar save has good prices and fairly reasonably sized cages although Petland has much larger sizes.

I so far havn't seen a cage by Pet One thats ok for pigs.


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#7 [url]

May 13 06 6:10 AM

(Go down to 'General Classifieds - Click on Pets & Horses - Should come up QLD - click ok - Go to page 11, scroll down and you will find the ad)

Look at the small run area! Not 2 mention its on WIRE flooring!
I wouldnt pay $65 for this! Its terrible..

We have enslaved animals and have treated our distant cousins in fur and feathers so badly that beyond doubt, if they were able to formulate a religion, they would depict the Devil in human form.

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#10 [url]

Oct 15 06 3:45 AM

OMG!!! this twit says this is suitable for a guinea pig to live in!!!!!

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#11 [url]

Oct 15 06 3:47 AM

omg I saw that today!!!!! Isn't that insane! What a worry...maybe someone should email her and mention it's suitable as a CARRIER only for transportation. I might later on unless someone else does sooner.


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#14 [url]

Oct 16 06 1:19 PM

Please explain? what a odd and disguisting contraption!


Sleep now my forever beautiful Bella....I love you and miss you....


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#16 [url]

Oct 16 06 9:34 PM

That last one makes me think of animals that are kept in labs... There's just something horrible about it and even more jail like than other cages (and I hate the word cage... That's why I tend to say home, when talking about my C&C)

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#18 [url]

Nov 14 06 1:19 PM

ok these really suck!! great as carry cages but no homes!!

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#20 [url]

Nov 14 06 10:24 PM

Some of them havne't even been cleaned! And the first two are far, far too small - the second might just be okay to keep a single sick piggie, but that's about it.

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