Sep 30 09 4:45 AM

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Admin would like to post a reminder to all members regarding the rules of the ACS messageboards. As stated in the Forum Management/Guidelines section, ALL guinea pig owners are welcome on the forum, including breeders.

In addition to asking breeders not to promote their activities (such as buying and selling animals on the forum), we are also asking that they are open and honest about their activities. For example, if you post images of newborn babies in your care, please let other forum members know the background. This is so other members (or unregistered viewers of public areas of the forum, such as the Photographer's Lair) are not misled into thinking that the babies have been born from rescues from ACS or other shelters when they have been bred intentionally.

We thank everyone in advance for their cooperation in this matter. For further information, please refer to the guidelines on the forum homepage (http://acs.7.forumer.com) or the thread about breeders in the Forum Mangement/Guidelines section.

If you have any concerns, please feel free to PM a member of admin.

ACS admin

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