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Mar 14 12 2:38 AM

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Where's the cheapest place to buy Oxbow hay? I don't really want to buy from their ebay store - $50 for a 1kg bag of hay? No thanks... Is there anywhere cheaper? Or if you know of a petstore that sells cheaper Oxbow products, can you ship a bag over to me here in Perth? Myself and the two piggies would really appreciate it as the local hay around here is terrible
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Mar 14 12 3:09 AM're not going to find it cheaper than the Ebay store...considering that is coming from the Australian Distributor.

Try rs_echo on ebay, their Meadow Hay is fairly good 5kg for $20 (jut ordered a bag yesterday in fact).


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Mar 14 12 8:36 AM

I don't think Perth has Pet Cafes, which is a pity because Pet Cafe sells Oxbow products cheaper than the RRP ($20.95 for a bag of Cavy Cuisine? Heck yes, I'll take that). Oxbow hay is going to be expensive in Australia no matter what the discount is though. As Gallia suggested, maybe look into ordering some other hay online?

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Mar 14 12 9:29 AM

No, we don't have a Pet Cafe here. I suppose I could buy cheaper hay, but my piggies are very fussy and they don't seem to eat much of the meadow or oaten hay I've bought for them :S

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Mar 15 12 5:13 AM

I currently use Kaytee timothy alot cheaper and frankly just as nice! although i know others here will disagree! I have never had a problem with their hay.

Contact this place they are located here in QLD but he ships alot of food direct to people anywhere he stocks alot of the over seas brands and i buy all my hay from them they are very helpful! They do sell pets which is a down fall but i can vouch that i have never seen any animal in distress or being neglected! they are knowledgeable and care for the animals atleast enough to give them the correct care while they have them.

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Mar 16 12 1:32 AM

Are you in brisbane? There are a few good produce stores that sell hay. i have to travel approx 30 mins to buy my bail once a month or so.

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Mar 17 12 8:24 AM


Does everybody's pigs eat all their hay or do they tend to be picky eaters?

Oh, I thought it was PiggyHouse in Brisbane asking the question, hence pointing you to a Brisbane store. My bad.

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Mar 19 12 11:43 AM

Hey Piggieguru,

did you want to see if there's a local produce or animal feed barn around? Lots of produce stores will sell fresh grassy hay straight from the farm. If it's a good batch it'll be just as green and stringy and fresh as Oxbow.

Not sure if this helps at all but their is a seller on Ebay that sells what looks like really lovely Oaten hay. This is fine to feed to piggies they usually go nuts over it. It looks like a huge amount for less than the Oxbow not sure if maybe you wanted to try this?


There's also yes the KAYTEE and also PETERS timothy hay's around now if you wanted to type in on google. It's far cheaper for the same hay. Not sure of the quality but hopefully good!


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Apr 1 12 8:41 AM

My last batch of Oxbow was very stalky. Lots of wastage. They would eat half of what I put in (if I'm lucky), but they tend to be rather picky. (It also had lots of seed heads which my pigs love but is apparently a bad thing?)

People seem to think Kleenmamma is much better than Oxbow. It's not available here, so I guess we won't get to see for ourselves anytime soon.

I tried Peter's hay again (oh, the shame) and it seems to have improved slightly, but whether it's seasonal variation or better processing there really isn't any way for me to tell. There aren't the stalks/long straws I saw in Oxbow though. The strands are much finer and softer but not as green compared to Oxbow.

I'll try Kaytee if I ever manage to spot a pack -- help for the locationally challenged please? I'm southside.

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Apr 7 12 4:52 AM

Hay at the moment isn't that great where I am. Last bale was quite brown and dry, they've all turned their noses up to it - the bunnies have taken to just pulling it out of the rack and peeing on it. Problem is, until fresh hay comes in there's not much I can do.


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Jul 18 14 3:26 PM

I know this is an old thread but I just wanted to let everyone know that the family run pet store in Aspley sells all his oxbow products with a low profit margin. For example oxbow cavy pellets are $15 and 1.1kg Timothy hay $24. It's the same place piggyhouse mentioned. Give him a call if you don't live in brisbane and he will post to you.

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